Smoopa App Uses Bar Codes to Make Comparison Shopping Easy


Scanning bar codes with an Android phone can now save consumers money with the new Smoopa app. Smoopa is an innovative app that allows a user to compare shopping prices merely by scanning the bar code of an item, entering the price, and comparing it to other prices marked on the same item offered at other retail stores.

    Smoopa has made comparison shopping easy for those who want to save money and have access to all possible prices available for a particular item. Once you've located the best price, you can even email it to your friends. The Smoopa app is free for downloading from their site onto your Android phone. Once the app is activated with the user's login information, bar codes can be scanned and prices compared.

   The way it works is very simple. The Smoopa app compares the price of one piece of merchandise, such as a Coach handbag, and compares it to other prices in the app's database. The app will scan for in-store as well as online prices which allows you to compare and find the best deals available. The retail prices listed for a particular item are most recent. The app also enables the user to get an in-store price match. The user can also look up past price checks under “Shopping History” in the menu on the app.

     You can also track items that you looked up for price comparisons. For example, if I look up the price for a new Sylvania LED/LCD television screen at Target but do not have the funds on hand to buy it right away, I can track it on the Smoopa app and set an alert price. When the time comes that I want to buy it, Smoopa sends me an email with the price below my alert price. The alert price can be changed and tracking can be canceled at any time.  I imagine that one could start entering their holiday gift list now and scoop up a few bargains before the holiday shopping madness starts.


One of the things I like best about Smoopa is the price match function. Each store has their own price match policy, in case I see an item online but want to buy it from a closer retail store. I also like the price tracking function, and Smoopa can be used for any type of merchandise found at stores such as Target, Best Buy, or Big Lots. Smoopa is a must have for people who like to shop and find the best deals in town.

The Smoopa app will work on any Android phone and Smoopa is working on an app for use with an iPhone. Individuals who own iPhones can sign up to receive a notification from Smoopa when the app becomes available.

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