Identive Leads the Way in RFID and Identity Management

syscanWe've seen an explosion of unique applications for RFID over the last few years. To see who is behind the recent innovation, especially in terms of ID and tracing technology, we've looked into one business group in particular, Identive Group, Inc.

Identive Group, Inc. provides products and solutions for secure identification-based technologies. Their goal is to create a signature company for cutting-edge products, services and solutions for identity management, physical and logical access control, and RFID-enabled applications. Their strategy is to adopt a growth model based on organic growth from their business members, and to make disciplined acquisitive development decisions. With $84.8 million revenue for 2010, this company might be one worth watching. They have also announced that they recently qualified for and were selected to join the Russell Global Index, an index that captures and ranks the largest 4,000 publicly traded stocks in the U.S.

The history of Identive Group began with the formation of SCM Microsystems in Germany in 1990, as a company that met the need for secure access to PCs and networks. After acquiring Hirsch Electronics Corporation in 2009, SCM combined with the Bluehill ID holding group to acquire AciG Technology, Arygon, Multicard, Syscan ID, and TagStar Systems. At this point, the company adopted the name "Identive Group, Inc," to reflect their focus of providing secure ID solutions and systems, as well as a new structure and broader management team. Since then, RockWest Technology Group and Smartag Pte. Ltd, have also become business divisions of Identive Group. SCM remains an entity in the Identive Group. The individual strengths and expertise of the businesses in the Identive Group create a force in the industry, offering cutting-edge products and solutions for security and identification based technology. With over 350 employees as of March 2011, they operate globally from five continents to serve national, state, and local governments, as well as companies in the banking, enterprise, education, healthcare, and transportation industries.

The ID products from Identive Group companies include components such as semiconductors, cards, tags, inlays, readers, and terminals, intended for identifying people, objects, and animals in various ways. Applications for these products include smart card manufacturing, physical and logical access control, tickets and labels, e-Banking, e-Health, Animal ID, and Asset tracking.

For example, Syscan specializes in animal identification and livestock traceability. With changing regulations and markets, producers, transporters, and processors, all benefit from this technology. Technology includes an RFID ISO wand, a rugged hand held RFID reader that can read unique ID tags for each animal for easy identification of livestock.

Identive Group companies also provide simple and secure solutions and services for credential management, to facilitate identification of people, granting of rights and privileges, enhanced security, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Identity Management companies in the Identive Group specialize in designing and manufacturing integrated and highly secure systems. Applications for these systems include logical and physical access control systems, identity management, customized credential issuance and data management, mobile and stationary credentials collection, cashless payment systems, transport and ticketing, and loyalty and membership.
With an IP portfolio of over 120 patents, Identive claims to address three unique convergence trends, "the integration of physical and logical access systems, the enhancement of smart cards with contactless technologies, and the marriage of identification technologies with mobile communications." Focusing on these trends is helping them achieve their goal of enabling and capitalizing on the growth of the RFID and security industries.

A few other examples of the projects that Identive Group has been involved with are the German citizen ID program and healthcare restart, the Australian maritime worker ID project, a cashless payment solution for bank employees in Holland, a one-card multi-application solution at a major university in Germany, and the move of Smartag into a new Singapore factory.

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