Track Cars and Tools with Metalcraft, Inc. RFID Tracking Tags

RFID identification labels have become popular with their use in everything from cars to tools, grocery stores, and company assets. Metalcraft, Inc. manufactures customized RFID bar code labels just for these purposes, and several of their products stand out as being practical not just for companies but individuals. These RFID labels are the Windshield RFID Tags, Rearview Mirror RFID Hang Tags, and Sentry-M Slim RFID Tags which are both durable and reusable that with withstand exposure to chemicals and harsh weather conditions. These bar code tags are passive, which means they do not have batteries to operate them, and can be read by an RFID reader when the tags come within distance of it. Metalcraft, Inc. creates bar code tags that are resistant to moderate solvents and acids and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

rfid_windshield-largeWindshield RFID Tags are ideal for individuals who live in gated communities, car washes, work at companies that have secured parking, and vehicle tracking such as valet parking. Valets who must manage a high volume of parked cars every day do not have to worry about lost cars when a Windshield RFID Tag is read and located. Housecleaning services that have clients who live in gated communities and need to have access to enter benefit from having a Windshield RFID Tag attached to their car, especially if the house in the gated community is cleaned on a regular basis. The Windshield RFID Tags can be read up to a range of 18 feet away. These tags adhere easily to any car windshield, and are enclosed between thin layers of polypropylene which protects and preserves the labels so that they do not deteriorate over time.

rearviewMetalcraft, Inc. also produces Rearview Mirror RFID Hang Tags that have the bar code imprinted upon them that can also be used for the same purpose as the Windshield RFID Tags. These hang tags are made of polyester and easy to slide onto a car's rearview mirror for use in gated community access or vehicle tracking.

sentry_tagMetalcraft, Inc. also manufactures Sentry-M Slim RFID Tags that are ideal for tool and IT asset tracking. These labels have bar codes imprinted on them that are made of polyester and are adhesive pressure sensitive. Measuring 1 3/8” by 3/8” in size, these labels will fit on the handles of any tools and narrow spaces on IT hardware. Ideal for manufacturers and small businesses that use a lot of hand tools, these adhesive tags will stay on once they are affixed and are perfect for use on metal surfaces.

Metalcraft, Inc. has been in operation since 1950 and is based in Mason City, Iowa. The company manufactures RFID and UID tags and labels to meet solutions for businesses and individuals. Their tags and labels are made of a variety of materials that include aluminum, stainless steel, paint resistant, tamper-evident, and polyester. Hospitals, manufacturers, utilities companies, wineries, schools, and warehouses are just some of the different industries that Metalcraft, Inc. has been providing customized tags and labels to over the years. The company also works closely with value-added resellers.

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