EIM Provides Bar Code Solutions for Laboratories

eim_1Hospital and scientific laboratories that regularly use bar code labels for a variety of purposes can now use labels by Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. to meet their unique needs.

EIM provides bar code label solutions for hospitals and scientific laboratories across the nation. Their labels are designed to withstand exposure to chemicals, solvents, extreme temperatures, and alcohol.

Bar code labels on test tubes, vials, slides, and other frequently used testing equipment make it easier to track inventory as well as maintain patient identification in hospitals. For example, using these bar code labels helps keep track of blood samples and other patient uses.

EIM's laboratory bar code labels are compliant to laboratory requirements and meant to be used on patient documents as well as the vials, eim_2slides, and any other specimen storage items which aid in the tracking of information.

By having a system that utilizes EIM's bar code labels, laboratories can track and archive information more easily and efficiently. EIM offers bar code labels that come in different sets and unique shapes designed to fit perfectly on laboratory equipment.

Providing bar code labeling solutions for laboratories is important when the labels come in contact with substances that can otherwise be harmful and destructive to them. EIM's bar code labels will not peel off of test tubes, slides, and paraffin cassettes. 

EIM offers both printed labels and blank labels for laboratories to print their own if desired. Their bar code labels are available with bar codes pre-printed on them. Bar code formats include Code 128, ISBT 128, PDF 417, and eim_3many others.

These test tube labels are small enough to adhere to test tubes and come in both clear and white film papers. EIM's paraffin cassette labels used in histology and pathology which can be directly attached to paraffin covered tissue blocks for hospital laboratory testing.

Plate labels for laboratory use are designed to fit on microwell plates which can be repeatedly frozen and thawed and will remain attached to the plates. The company also offers cryogenic labels for forensic use which will not dry and peel off due to exposure of cold temperatures.

In addition to bar code labels for laboratory use, EIM also offers nameplate and rating labels that can be printed upon and contain information such as the company name, a product's make, serial number, part number, and service date. The company also manufactures bar code labels that are retro-reflective for warehouse use, as well as UPC and ISBN labels.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc is based in Keene, New Hampshire. The company also provides label printers, thermal transfer ribbons and printer ink, bar code scanners, and a variety of bar code labels for use other than laboratory. The company offers top customer service and a wide variety of bar code labels for any sized private or hospital laboratory. EIM also provides support for businesses to help them decide what types of labels are the best solution for them to use. 




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