Wasp Bar Code Scanners for 1D and 2D Bar Codes

wasp_11D and 2D bar code scanners from Wasp are used accross retail, hospitality, and travel industries.

Since the advent of 2D bar codes, scanners have also been designed to read them. Wasp Bar Code Technologies has created bar code scanners for businesses that must be able to read a variety of different bar codes at their point of sale. Bar code scanners are an essential for any point of sale business, and Wasp bar code scanners range from laser, wireless, and CCD scanners. The primary advantage of using Wasp bar code scanners is that they are easy to install and use.  A Wasp bar code scanner can be comfortably hand-held, or placed in a stand designed to hold the scanner in a stationery position during use and/or down-time.

The Wasp WD14500 2D Bar Code Scanner scans not only QR codes but also linear bar codes, saving businesses the expense of having to own a different scanner for each type of bar code. Once the Wasp WD14500 2D Bar Code Scanner scans a bar code, it immediately transfers the information embedded in the bar code to a spreadsheet, word processor document, or point of sale software program. It can even transfer information into a database for easy inventory maintenance. The WD 14500 2D Bar Code Scanner can read linear bar codes up to 25” away, which is ideal for items too large to be placed on a checkout counter (such as a 25 pound bag of grass seed) by the customer. For items that have a 2D bar code on them, the scanner can read them up to 15” away in distance. Wasp bar code scanners are built to last, and are durable so they will withstand a five-foot drop onto a concrete floor. It is not just retail stores that find Wasp bar code scanners practical though. The hospitality and travel industries also use bar code scanners for processing tickets. These Wasp bar code scanners come with a 6' USB cable that can be connected to the point of sale terminal, and can read a variety of 2D codes that include the Aztec Code, PDF417, and Data Matrix.

wasp_2The Wasp WWS850 Wireless Bar Code Scanner utilizes a Bluetooth connection to a point of sale terminal. Being able to pick up a wireless scanner and use it without having to worry about a cord getting in the way offers benefits for many businesses and industries that have to consistently scan inventory in different directions. This scanner can be operated within a 160-foot range of its base. Best of all, this scanner can be used in Batch Memory Mode outside of this 160-foot range. This means that when it is time to take an annual inventory, the Wasp bar code scanner will store the information until it is replaced in its holder where it can then transmit the stored scans. The provided base can support up to seven different wireless scanners.  The Wasp WWS850 Wireless Bar Code Scanner can be used with Windows, Macintosh, and DOS systems.

About Wasp Bar Code Technologies

Wasp Bar Code Technologies began in 1994 as a manufacturer of bar code scanners targeted to small businesses. The company is based in Plano, Texas and is one of the top technology businesses in that state, according to Dallas FastTech 50. Wasp Bar Code Technologies also has offices in Canada and England.


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