DLSoft Bar Code 2D Tools for Crystal Reports XI

dlsoftbarcode1Businesses that utilize computer generated reports using the Crystal Report XI application can now have the reports bar coded using dLSoft Bar Code 2D Tools. This new software places a 2D bar code in the finished report which enables anyone who needs to access the reports by scanning the bar code with a smart phone and referencing it at a later time. This is especially practical if a report or series of reports are used at a business meeting and need to be used again by an employee. Crystal Reports XI generates reports from other data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access and the dLSoft Bar Code Tools. The dLSoft Bar Code Tools captures the data in a report which converts the information into a 2D code which is then embedded at the bottom of the report.

Several types of 2D bar codes can be created with dLSoft Bar Code Tools and can be used in any type of report or file created in Crystal Reports XI. These bar codes can appear as graphic images similar to QR codes, or as font-based codes with a few limitations. The font-based bar codes that are supported in dLSoft Bar Code Tools include Aztec, PDF417, and Datamatrix. These bar codes can also be used in previous versions of Crystal Reports.

DLSoft Bar Code Tools include a local machine server for Windows systems 2000/XP/Vista plus newer systems. The server also has servlets for IIS and Java coding which can be used on a remote or company server. A library of fonts are included for creating font-based bar codes in Crystal Reports XI as well as versions 8, 9, and X. For businesses that have these earlier versions of Crystal Reports, dLSoft also provide sample bar codes for reports so that users can see what they look like. 

One of the benefits of using dLSoft Bar Code Tools with Crystal Reports XI is that the 2D bar code is located in the actual report, instead of being located on a remote server which would require the use of the software tools to access the bar code for viewing. With the elimination of this step, no other bar code tool in dLSoft is necessary for opening up reports on a Windows system.

DL Technology Ltd. creates bar code software for Windows operating systems. The company is located in England and has been in operation since 1988 and provides other bar code software solutions for businesses that use bar codes for Microsoft documents of all kinds, including MS Office Suite, Crystal Reports, C/C++, .NET, Visual Basic, and Delphi. DL Technology also offers Windows phone bar code components. The potential customers of dLSoft Bar Code 2D Tools can also see a trial version of how the software operates on the company website before buying. The company recognizes the increasing need for businesses to access reports and documents using their smart phones and provides customer support and online tutorials to learn how the product works.


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