Morovia EAN Bookland Bar Code Software for Books

morovia1Walk into a bookstore and you will see bar codes on books and magazines. What makes bar codes for books different from other bar codes is that they are created using information from the ISBN numbers which have been assigned to the books so that they can be sold worldwide. Looking much like bar codes themselves, the ISBN number has ten digits, contains information about the book including the title, publisher, and country where the book is published.

A Bookland bar code contains not only this information but also the price of the book so that it can be sold anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful to writers whose work is marketed on a global level. Morovia EAN Bookland Bar Code Software provides a way to create EAN (European Article Numbering) numbers. The EAN number is divided into four sections: the number system, which is the issuing country; publisher code, which can have up to five digits; the product code, which is provided by the publisher, and the check digit. The purpose of the check digit is to make sure the bar code is scanned accurately. The software package includes true type fonts, foreign language tools, five different bar code heights, and plug-ins to create fully operable EAN bar code labels. These true type fonts can not only be used on a Windows platform, but also Macintosh, UNIX plus any other Postscript platforms. Ideal for the small bookstore owner, Morovia EAN Bookland bar Code software can also be used by book chain stores across the nation. 

The Morovia EAN Bookland software can print up to 7 different bar codes which include UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, and Bookland. Each bar code can be printed out using a word processor like OpenOffice onto labels with an adhesive backing. This software can print bar code labels that will fit the smallest of novelty books such as those found in gift stores. Five different sized fonts are available in the Morovia EAN Bookland software to meet your book selling needs. These sizes range from 10- to 16-points with label size specifications and the software package includes macros and complete documentation to create fully integrated bar code labels.

Morovia was founded in 2001 in Markham, Ontario, Canada and supplies bar code font and labeling software to businesses that require specialty bar codes. The company provides software for creating linear and 2D bar codes as well as PDF software. Interested buyers of the product can contact sales support to find the right solution for a business's bar code needs and will also receive technical support after the purchase of the product. Purchasers also have access to Morovia's knowledge base and community forums for technical support in addition to direct technical support and software updates.

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