The Leading Auto ID & Point of Sale (POS) Industry Research Companies - Part 2

iStock_000003527298XSmallResearch firms gather data and analyze them to provide insights to businesses. They also create reports and provide consultations to help companies improve their products and services.

In the first part of this series on the top point of sale (POS) and auto ID industry research companies, we discussed VDC Research and Gartner, Inc. In this second part, we will cover Juniper Research and IHL Services, some of the leading analyst firms in the POS and auto ID industries.

Juniper Research

Juniper Research was founded in 2001 and is an England-based analyst firm with clients from start-ups to industry leaders in North America, Europe and the Far East. Their specialty is in finding new opportunities for growth in the highly competitive wireless and mobile POS and auto ID sectors. They offer market sizing and forecasting as well as strategic assessment, competitive analysis and business modeling in the mobile telecoms, content, and applications industries.

They focus their research on 5 core areas: mobile commerce which includes payments, banking, financial services, tickets and coupons; content and applications which cover mobile apps, augmented reality and entertainment; markets and strategies which involve high-growth vertical markets and geographical regions; handsets and devices including tablets, smartphones, eReaders and connected devices; and networks and technologies such as 4G, cloud-based services, mobile broadband, operating systems, LTE and WiMax.

They offer market intelligence, analyst reports, consulting services and subscription databases. They provide a variety of free reports on their website, including whitepapers, blog posts, research reports, strategic briefings and databases.

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IHL Services

IHL Services is a Tennessee-based global research and advisory firm founded in 1996. They specialize in POS and auto ID technologies for the retail and hospitality sectors, particularly in supply chain and store level systems.

They provide retailers and restaurants with information on the best equipment for their needs. They have various research studies on store automation equipment such as POS terminal software, hardware, printers, kiosks and self-checkout machines. They study ways to improve the user experience, ensure profitability and solve problems that stores face. They provide competitor analysis to help clients understand the general technological climate. With their studies, they track which company uses what equipment and helps clients figure out what systems work and what do not. Upon selecting the appropriate hardware, software or service, they also provide assistance in negotiating contracts with suppliers so that the client can get the best deals when it comes to price and terms of the contract.

They also analyze markets and assess opportunities for suppliers and technology vendors. They help identify potential resellers for products and recommend the most cost-effective distribution channels.

They pride themselves in reliable market analysis and full disclosure on their data sources and research methodologies. They consider themselves expert spokespersons for vendor and industry events in the field.

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These are some of the top research and analyst firms in the industry. They are the experts in global trends in POS and auto identification systems.

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