Online QR Code Generators: More Applications For 2D Bar Codes

Online QR code generatorSearching Google for the term "QR code generators" brings back an estimated 339,000 results. Although these two-dimensional bar codes were first used in the auto industry in Japan to keep track of parts, their versatility and ease of use has led to many other applications, even here in the States. And the ability to encode much more data than a 1D bar code positions QR (quick response) codes as the perfect tool for mobile marketers.

Online QR code generators are evolving as the they ways that people use QR codes are changing. Some companies are giving the 2D bar codes dual roles, both as information source and as part of their branding strategy, moving away from plain black and white and dressing them up with different color schemes. Here are some QR code generators and applications you may not have seen yet.

Dynotag QR Code Generator: Link QR codes to Editable Content

Since QR codes can be generated online and easily scanned by anyone with a camera-enabled smart phone, they are the perfect way to keep track of people, pets, and all your important stuff. You can even tell your friends about that great party on Saturday night using a QR code generator.

With most QR code generators, once you create the code, you can't change what or where the code is pointing to without recreating the 2D bar code. That means you have the hassle of reposting the QR code image.

Not so with a company called Dynotag.  The Dynotag generator is unique in that in provides web space for your QR code to link to, so that even after creating a QR Dynotag_screenshotcode, you can easily go in and change or update the content. This makes Dynotag a popular solution for generating QR codes for personal items, such as your keys, luggage, or even your pet.  You can know that the QR code will always lead to up to date information, and you can even sign up to be notified if the QR code is scanned.  Standard QR codes offer 4 MB of space for free, and premium tags provide up to 50 MB of space for a price.  Here are more of the ways Dynotag is helping people keep things secure using QR codes.

(Image, right - Screenshot taken at

(1) Personal tags for children and adults who need their medical info front and center in an emergency.
(2) Dog (or whatever pet you have) tags containing more information than just a phone number and address.
(3) Special labels for things that might go missing when you're away from home. Your cell phone. Your laptop. How about your luggage?
(4) A tag for your car, truck or boat.
(5) An Internet tag pointing to a website, a video, or even a social media site.
(6) Use a QR code tag to share a file or a picture. Keep it "for your eyes only" by using a PIN for protection.
(7) Put your notes up in the "cloud" using a QR code.
(8) How about a tag that simply points to another tag? Use a clone and you can always change your mind.
(9) Spread the word about an event or a party using a QR code.

Unitag QR Code Generator: QR codes with added back-end functionality.

When QR code generators first burst onto the online scene, they had limited functionality and styling options. But with time, more and more customizationUnitag_screenshot options are available, giving QR codes plenty of punch. A French company called Unitag created a premium QR code generator, letting you use colors and logos in your QR codes, and also offering these functions.

(1) Editable URL's. Have a target web page that keeps changing? This feature won't confine you to the original web address.
(2) Extensive tracking metrics. What's online traffic without knowing where your visitors are coming from? You can even see which mobile phone model they're using.
(3) Batch code generation. Companies using QR codes for inventory or other mass applications will love the ability to create hundreds or thousands at a time.
(4) Keep them all in one place. Keeping track of QR codes can be time consuming, but some online generators offer the ability to retrieve and download all your codes from one place with one click of a mouse.
(5) Get high-rez files. Often a print-quality, high-resolution image that's a specific size is needed for advertising.

(Image, right: Screenshot taken at

No matter why you need a QR code or what you'll be using it for, these online QR code generators are worth a look.

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