Standard Chartered Bank uses Microsoft Tag Technology in Ad Campaign

MS_Tag_Standard_Bank_MalaysiaStandard Chartered Bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the first bank in the country to use Microsoft Tag technology in their advertisements. The bank's deposit ad campaign, which started October 1, 2011 and appeared in major newspapers, introduced the savings interest rate of 5% annually, one of the highest in the country. The bank ad lets customers scan the Microsoft Tag with their smartphones in order to locate the nearest branch immediately.

Since 50% of people in Malaysia have smartphones with internet access, advertisers in Malaysia have been actively incorporating mobile marketing to reach this large segment of consumers. The ad agency TBWA-TEQUILA Malaysia wanted something new and appealing for the bank to differentiate it from other ad campaigns. Shaun Tay, Head of Account Management for TBWA, said, "Microsoft Tag gave us the opportunity to step away from the conventional QR Codes to do something fresh and exciting with the Bank’s above-the-line campaigns."

Microsoft Tag is a type of 2D barcode that connects smartphone users to digital content, such as websites, instantly. The user needs the Microsoft Tag Reader application on his phone to be able to scan the tags. Microsoft Tag has advanced reporting capabilites, allowing advertisers to track how many users scan the tag, where the scanning takes place, and from what source. Microsoft Tag is supported by most smartphone platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and many others.

Fifth Media Networks Sdn Bhd customized the Microsoft Tag design and designed the mobile website for the bank. TanLim Soon Fu, CTO of Fifth Media Networks, said, “We had three days to churn out a tag design and mobile website for this campaign. In spite of the tight deadline, we were able to pull this off using our software. We are looking to work with more retailers and advertising companies as this technology takes off in Malaysia. It provides a strong value proposition for organisation wanting to reach an increasingly mobile society.”


Peter Tam, Director of Local Software Innovations for Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd, said, “The possibilities are endless. Microsoft Tag provides a seamless experience for customers from the first point of contact to access content on mobile websites – whether it is maps, videos, clues for competitions, music demos, discount vouchers and more. We are just at the tip of the iceberg as to how extensive and pervasive this technology can be in driving customer and community engagement.”

Country Head of Consumer Banking for Standard Chartered Bank, Tiew Siew Chuen, said, “Standard Chartered continues its service innovation with this initiative that reinforces our commitment to provide greater value to our customers. This campaign bridges the customer experience from a print medium into one that is 'live.' It is innovative, fun and easy to apply. With Microsoft Tag, our offers can now cut across conventional advertising mediums to one that is dynamic.”

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Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd ( is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation and was incorporated on July 8, 1992.

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