Tag of the Week: Art and the 2D Barcode

The Bar Code News is pleased to present our "Tag of the Week" series, written by Bret daCosta.  Known as the "Tag Master" for his artistic renderings of Microsoft Tag, Bret explains how his obsession began.


Hello, I am Bret daCosta, also known as the “Tag Master.” I am a contributing author and am humbled by the attention I have garnered from my friends at Barcode.com.

It is not by chance that I have been asked to write about my 2D bar code art. If I told you how it came to be that you are reading this you would surely find that life is more than just coincidence and random acts of controlled chaos. It truly is a small world. Enough said.

In December of 2010, as a result of another amazing series of events, I came to discover 2D bar codes and in particular the Microsoft Tag. Being of a curious nature and always looking for different approaches to art, I began to make very minor alterations to the standard Tag--both color and black and white. I was surprised to find that the Tags would still function with these minor changes. That was the beginning of my obsession.

I spent the last year at my computer for several hours a day, continuing to experiment with different techniques. In the process, I realized that I had stumbled upon something very special indeed, the ability to use the Microsoft Tag as my palette, in what I believe to be a new medium in art. This is art not just for art's sake, but art as a way to engage the observer in a fully interactive experience.

I will do my best to write about my design work on a weekly basis and hope that you enjoy reading about and viewing the planet's most extreme 2D bar codes.

This week, I present to you "Skinny Tag." Use your smart phone equipped with the Tag Reader App to unlock the my mobile gallery.

 The above artwork was designed by Bret daCosta.   You can see more of his work at http://www.2dartcode.com/  Use the Tag Reader app http://gettag.mobi to read 2D Logo Tags by daCosta, Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and NFC.

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