QR Codes and SnapTags: What's the difference?

SpyderLink recently published a new infographic that compares and contrasts QR Codes and SnapTags, two popular forms of 2D bar codes that are used in marketing campaigns. SnapTags are SpyderLink's version of a 2D bar code, opted for by major brands like Bud Light, Cover Girl, Coke Zero and more, to engage customers. The chart sets the two types of bar code side-by-side comparing issues of accessibility (can the 2D bar code be read by any phone with a camera or does it need an app?), functionality (are there options for reporting and tracking data?), and brandability (how flexible is the 2D bar code for custom design?). The infographic also touches on issues of geolocation, social networking, reusability, analytics, and more.

Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLynk, says, "People are still learning about SnapTags and QR codes, so this infographic is an opportunity to show some of the considerable advantages offered by SnapTags."

With 85% of American adults having a mobile phone, 40% of which own a smartphone, opportunities for engaging customers through mobile marketing are significant and growing. This chart is a great tool for comparing a couple of the alternatives for how to kick off your next mobile marketing campaign.


See the infographic here: http://www.spyderlynk.com/idea-lab/snaptag-university/qr-codes-vs-snaptags

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