Mobile QR Codes + Social Networking = Marketing “OOMPH”

smartphone_tiny_qr_codeThere’s no question that Quick Response (QR) codes are the new “bling” in advertising, directing the consumer to specially designed websites providing more information about the company or specific products. Social networks—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example—can be major players in the success of QR code marketing campaigns.

Here’s a quick explanation for those not familiar with QR codes: when you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android, or other camera-enabled smartphone, you can instantly link to digital content on a company’s designated website that provides unique content based on the formula embedded in the code. In other words, you are directed to a landing page that corresponds with the message and provides more information than would be possible in a small print advertisement.

Most American businesses use social networks; in fact, 66 percent have a Facebook page, 50 percent have a Twitter account, and 44 percent have a LinkedIn page, according to a June 2011 study by InSites Consulting. Yet only 16 percent of those companies surveyed considered their social network marketing efforts fully integrated across their organizations. Savvy marketers find this an area ripe for integrating QR codes and promotions.

Nutrimix Labs, a dietary supplement and wellness company, has begun this integration. They turned to NeoMedia Technologies to launch a mobile barcode-enabled advertising campaign for their Interactive Nutrition line and have begun using QR codes, tied into social networks, in fitness and nutritional publications to promote two of their nutritional supplement products.

When consumers scan these QR codes with smart phones, Nutrimix’s Facebook page appears, where they can find information on targeted products. Consumers will also be encouraged to share the page with their friends. Those who do share the page will receive special discounts. Nutrimix believes that the incentive will be strong enough that consumers will, as a result, help the company grow its online presence.

Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia Technologies, explained the campaign: “Nutrimix incorporated the mobile barcode into their print advertisement, which linked to ‘liking' their Facebook page. This enhanced customer experience provided additional brand messaging, and certainly helped to support the brand’s overall marketing goals.”

“Last year showed tremendous growth in the mobile barcode market,” she continued. “Across the world, consumers and retailers have been using 2D codes on a more frequent basis. They are learning that mobile barcodes can provide an enhanced customer experience. We are already seeing a rise in mobile barcode usage in 2012, and we are truly excited to be a part of this growing and innovative industry.”


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