Tag of the Week: Custom App Download Tags




This custom 2D bar code was created from a Microsoft App Download Tag. It recognizes the type of phone scanning it and automatically directs golfers to the right download for their specific device.

If you’re publishing a mobile app, use a custom Tag by daCosta with recognition technologies to target customers at the specific time and location they are most likely to need your app.

Print them on stickers, t-shirts and other swag.

The Bar Code News is proud to feature creative and artistic uses of bar codes.  Other bar code artists interested in sharing their work may contact us here.

The above artwork was designed by Bret daCosta.   You can see more of his work at http://www.2dartcode.com/  Use the Tag Reader app http://gettag.mobi to read 2D Logo Tags by daCosta, Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and NFC.






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