Health Care Bar Code Scanners Improve Patient Safety

doctorIt is an unfortunate fact that humans are prone to errors, especially when transcribing or reading data. In most industries, this is accepted as normal and a margin of error is allotted for it.

But in the medical and health care industry, even a small, seemingly insignificant error can cause huge problems and compromise patient safety.

For example, if a medical chart is misread, the patient can accidentally be given the wrong dosage or medication, resulting in medical complications or even death.

Automating processes in health care by using bar code scanners minimizes errors that can occur when manually transcribing medical information.

From admitting patients, to checking patient and prescription records, administering medication, collecting specimens, managing inventory, managing diet and discharging patients, bar code scanners ensure that information is captured correctly and accurately.

That means health care providers do not have to decipher their coworkers' handwriting, ensuring patients get the correct care and medication. Medical information is automatically entered into software simply with a scan of the device.

Let's take a look at some popular hand-held health care bar code scanners in the market today.

WWS450H Health Care Bar Code Scanner

wasp-wws450h-barcode-scannerThe WWS450H by Wasp Barcode Technologies is a hand-held bar code scanner designed specifically for health care applications. It is fast, accurate and efficient, supports wireless connectivity and can wirelessly transfer data up to 295 feet from its communication base.

When outside the wireless range, the bar code scanner can hold up to 256 scans in its buffer memory. The WWS450H can also capture 100 scans per second for 1D and 60 frames per second for 2D.

Each base station supports up to seven scanners, and includes a USB adapter so the base can be connected to a computer. The scanned bar code data can be added to documents, spreadsheets and databases, eliminating the need for manual data entries.

With its disinfectant-friendly housing and built-in anti-microbial technology, the WWS540H health care bar code scanner protects against stain and odor-causing bacteria as well as discoloration, corrosions and hardware malfunctions. This allows for the scanner's safe use in high-risk and sterile areas such as patient rooms, pharmacies and laboratories.

The battery lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge based on one scan every five seconds. This bar code scanner also withstands four-foot drops to concrete, and the base can be mounted on a desk or on a wall.

DS4208-HC Handheld 2D Imager for Health Care Applications

motorola-ds4208 healthcare barcode scannerThe Motorola DS4208-HC is an affordable handheld 2D imager for hospitals, pharmacies and other health care applications.

It can capture 1D and 2D bar codes for pharmaceuticals, blood bags, patient identification, syringes for medication administration and specimens for tracking, and can even read bar codes from the LCD displays of mobile phone and computers.

The advanced imaging technology can read UPC bar codes from over a foot away, and can also rapidly and accurately scan damaged and poor quality bar codes. It can also create and maintain electronic medical records (EMR), and is compatible with 123Scan and Remote Scanner Management (RSM).

The omni-directional scan pattern of the Motorola DS4208-HC eliminates the need to precisely align the bar code to the scanner.

Durable construction ensures reliable operation despite everyday bumps and spills, and can survive drops of up to six feet (1.8 meters) onto concrete. It is lightweight and easy to hold regardless of hand size.

The ergonomic design reduces fatigue and enables health care providers to comfortably work all day long during scan-intensive applications. The DS4208-HC has a specially designed plastic housing, an IP43 sealing allowing for easy disinfecting and cleaning, and can be cleaned safely with a wide variety of harsh chemicals.

Xenon 1902h Health Care Bar Code Scanner

xenon-1902h-barcode-scannerThe Xenon 1902h is a sixth-generation hand-held scanner by Honeywell. Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0, it has a revolutionary decoding architecture and a custom sensor optimized for scanning bar codes for health care applications.

Able to scan high-density linear codes, and 2D bar codes, it also has the flexibility of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Multiple scanners can be managed over the network using the Remote MasterMind Scanner Management Software.

This laser-free bar code scanner uses Class I LED illumination and reduces the risk of eye injury. The radio power output of the scanner can be limited to reduce interference with other devices.

The scanner comes with a vertical base so it can be used in places with minimal space such as a pharmacy. Its disinfectant-ready housing allows for easy cleaning.

It has a long battery life that can power up to 50,000 scans per charge. Its thumb wheel end-cap allows tool-free access to the lithium ion battery so medical professionals can easily change batteries.

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