QR Codes for Customer Rewards

qrcodereader.png Scanning QR codes using smartphones and specialty mobile apps is an easy method for customers to access company rewards and promotions. Companies can engage consumers with QR codes, offering special discounts or rewards for those who scan the QR code with appropriate mobile apps. QR code rewards for repeated visits are a savvy way for companies to allow technology-engaged consumers to register their visits, and are more exciting than punch cards.

 British company Cask Marque offers a mobile app called CaskFinder that rewards pub visitors for participating in the CaskFinder mobile app's Ale Trail program. Each time a customer visits a pub certified by the Cask Marque company, they can scan the QR code on the Cask Marque certificate displayed in the pub. Scanning the QR code registers the visit, and once customers visit a number of pubs on the CaskFinder Ale Trail, they are eligible for rewards. The CaskFinder mobile app also offers tasting notes for the different cask ales offered in each pub, a Cask Marque pub locator, and other features.


In the retail sector, cosmetics company Benefit is using QR codes to drive customers from its online presence into its brick and mortar stores by offering special rewards accessible only to shoppers who scan the QR code and visit Benefit boutiques. Once shoppers scan a QR code on a printed Benefit flyer, they are directed to a site featuring another QR code scannable by Benefit representatives in the store. This requires shoppers to visit the Benefit boutique to qualify for a special reward. Benefit is using social media and QR codes to drive customers into their stores while simultaneously growing their online presence. Special rewards provide incentives to scan QR codes and shop in the Benefit stores.

QR Rewards is a mobile app that rewards customers for their loyalty by allowing them to scan QR codes to access special coupons. When visiting the applicable merchant, the mobile app allows patrons to "check in" by scanning the merchant's QR code. Once shoppers log the qualified number of visits, they are eligible for rewards. The mobile app also allows users special access to one-time-only offers and specials. Engaging consumers with QR code technology, QR Rewards offers a loyalty program that makes punch card loyalty programs look old-fashioned. diningarea

These three programs demonstrate the way that QR code mobile apps are being used in various industries to engage customers, increase sales, and win customers' loyalty. QR codes make it easy for customers to check in at locations to register visits, and these mobile apps make it possible for businesses to offer special rewards and discounts for shoppers who make use of the technology. QR Rewards, Cask Marque, and Benefit all reach shoppers and customers from different demographics, but the rewards offered by their QR code mobile apps unify shoppers around the desire for a great deal.

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