RFID And Social Media: A Winning Combination

Bash_RFID_Tap2Like_Signout_Auto_PhotoboothRFID technology allows companies to connect their products with social media in new and interesting ways. With the simple scan of an RFID tag, consumers can broadcast their opinions of new products and services to the Internet's wealth of social media networks. Expanding brand awareness and redefining marketing for the social media generation can make companies' online presence deeper and more far-reaching. Linking RFID tags with social networks gives companies instant Internet exposure and gives shoppers a unique and memorable experience interacting with the brand.

 Bash Interactive recently debuted an RFID tap-to-"like" program that allowed attendees at 2012's Mercedes Benz Auto Show to quickly tap an RFID tag on specific cars to instantly "like" the models on Facebook. After registering with auto show organizers, auto show patrons received RFID cards with unique serial numbers. Then, users need only tap a specific Mercedes Benz model on the auto show floor to broadcast both the patron's attendance at the auto show as well as their approval of and interest in a particular Mercedes model. This technology has the potential to make a great impact on Mercedes Benz's social media presence, and it is powered by their own consumer base.

An additional feature offered by this particular marriage of RFID and social media was the Mercedes Benz photo booth, which allowed auto show visitors to "picture themselves" in the model of their choice. After tapping the chosen Mercedes model with the user-specific RFID card and then taking an instant digital photo in the booth, the photo booth produces a custom image of the consumer "in" the car. These images can also be broadcast on social media networks, furthering the brand's online reach and engaging with its Internet consumer base.

There are many other possibilities for companies to make a splash in social media using RFID technology. Another company, EpicMix, makes a social media platform that allows skiers to share their ski experience online. The EpicMix app allows skiers to back up their stories of "epic" days on the slopes by adding photos, check-ins, and maps. EpicMix users can also compete with each other, and skiers can purchase photos directly from the EpicMix platform. By adding friends to their networks, skiers broaden the ski resorts' social media presence without the companies themselves having to spend additional time and effort on social media outreach and expansion. RFID_chip

The possibilities for RFID and social media integration are nearly limitless. Not only ski resorts and auto shows can benefit; RFID technology is already expanding into theme parks and other venues. Rewarding users for frequent visits while getting the brand's name and image out across the Internet means that when it comes to RFID and social media, both sides come out on top.

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