Top Five Barcode Printers from Zebra Technologies

Zebra_Barcode_Printer_QLn220Customers in industries from retail to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond are looking for barcode printers that are reliable and flexible. Zebra Technologies is a trusted, worldwide leader in the industry, helping customers give a digital voice to assets, people and transactions and, in turn, providing greater visibility into mission-critical information. Zebra’s breadth of products and solutions help customers increase efficiencies and lower costs in their business operations. For a deeper look, here are five of Zebra’s top printer products available today:

QLn220– Compact, lightweight mobile printer provides printing capabilities across multiple industries

Part of Zebra’s QLn printer series, the QLn220 (left) heightens productivity through an easy-to-navigate display, fast and high quality printing and a variety of proactive alerts. The printer is easily integrated into a user’s existing enterprise and with other Zebra printing products. Although the compact and small size of the QLn220 may be deceiving, the printer can handle increased levels of wireless security and process complex labels up to four times faster than previous models.

The QLn220 Zebra printer can improve work flow and simplify tasks across a multitude of industries. It is ideal for the secure transfer of sensitive data, such as price lists, customer information and medical records. Within the healthcare sector, the QLn220 assists with applications like bedside specimen collection and pharmacy labeling. For the retail sector, the printer is used for processes such as labeling in-store or at a warehouse.

RW 420 – Designed for the road warrior, this rugged mobile printer can withstand anything thrown in its wayZebra_Barcode_Printer_RW420

The Zebra RW 420, part of the RW series, is a mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go. With a sleek, modular design, the RW 420 allows users to choose wireless options, card readers and accessories like vehicle mounts for simplified route printing. It can handle the demands of a number of route accounting and field service printing applications, including printing invoices, delivery receipts, service estimates and sales orders.

This Zebra printer has an intuitive interface and the LCD display is slightly angled to assist with visibility. The RW 420 meets the stringent IP54 dust and water resistance rating. It is uniquely designed for harsh outdoor environments, such as extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

KR203 – The kiosk printer designed to reduce cost without sacrificing quality

Zebra_Barcode_Printer_KR203With various self-service functions, the KR203 printer helps companies improve service, raise customer satisfaction, increase revenue and lower operational costs. As part an integral part of a self-service kiosk solution, the KR203 printer technology streamlines processes by drawing upon the kiosk PC’s resources, allowing users to implement the printer into their existing enterprises, helping to reduce costs.

The KR203 provides high print quality and unmatched reliability for tasks like receipt printing. Additionally, the printer is optimized for tough printing environments where durability, reliability, minimal maintenance and ease of use are critical. Maintenance-reducing features include built-in troubleshooting capabilities, Zebra’s patented technologies to prevent paper jams, a tear-preventing pull detector and a 10-inch paper roll capacity. Additionally, the printer’s small footprint and flexible mounting options make it an easy fit for many kiosk designs as well as Zebra’s Kiosk Print Station.

HC100 – Combination of thermal printer and antimicrobial coated wristbands to enhance hospital safety Zebra_Barcode_Printer_HC100

Barcoded wristbands have become a critical component of enhancing patient safety and reducing the potential for error in the healthcare industry, as missing or illegible wristbands can cause severe consequences. To meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, Zebra released the HC100 Patient I.D. Solution which makes wristband printing easier and more cost-effective than laser solutions.

The printing process is simple—two steps for the HC100 vs. multiple steps with laser printers. This printer also detects wristband size from infant to pediatric and up to adult and automatically calibrates its settings for optimal print quality. Wireless connectivity allows users to easily move printers to different locations throughout the hospital, increasing time practitioners can spend with their patients.

The HC100 printer uses Zebra’s durable Z-Band wristbands, the only antimicrobial coated wristbands currently available on today’s market. Z-Bands can withstand water, blood, soap and other liquids without smudging. Furthermore, the antimicrobial coating protects against some types of MRSA and E. coli, the leading causes of hospital infections in the United States.

Zebra_Barcode_Printer_110Xi4RXi4- RFID Printer/encoder streamlines business improvement and supply-chain management applications

Perfect for organizations with high-volume, mission critical or specialty RFID and labeling applications, the RXi4 serves various industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and distribution. The RXi4 printer is used for advanced RFID item-level tracking, asset tracking and inventory management. It incorporates rugged durability, consistent outstanding print quality, fast print speed, long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. RFID on-pitch encoding differentiates the RXi4 from other printers and encoders on the market. This feature enables the printer to encode RFIDl tags spaced very close to one another, which in the end uses less material and lowers cost.

Marty_Johnson_ZebraAbout the Author

Marty Johnson, Product Marketing Manager for Zebra Technologies, is responsible for the marketing and product launch strategies associated with Zebra's high-performance, mobile and RFID product lines. He is well versed in the mobile and wireless technology needs of organizations and in the implementation of solutions in a variety of applications.  Marty has spent over 20 years in various global sales and marketing rolesfor technology companies.

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