2D Imagers: Useful Today, Essential Tomorrow


Intermec SG20 General Duty 2D Imager

2D Imagers are meeting today’s requirements – with an eye on the future.

As businesses look to increase scanning operations, many look for products that not only meet today’s standards, but also offer capabilities for the future. This saves not only time, but offers an increased ROI and long-term potential.

Today, 2D imaging represents only about 25 percent of the scanning market, but is one of the fastest growing technologies.

Back when 2D first entered the market it was still slower than traditional 1D lasers and imagers, causing many users to avoid it all together. However, because 2D easily reads barcodes in any orientation, can decode 1D and 2D, and can capture  images, signatures and videos, companies are beginning to understand the benefits.

One 2D imager has changed the way the industry captures data? The Intermec EA30.

The EA30 is the first and only 2D imager to provide 50 times more motion tolerance than standard 2D imagers, and doesn't require bar code alignment to achieve high read rates, adding a clear performance advantage to your product.

With the EA30 High Performance Scan Engine, Intermec handheld scanners are equipped with the market’s fastest 2D Imager, allowing customers not only to read 1D and 2D barcodes at 500 inches per second, but also going beyond barcodes.

Users can now not only easily read barcodes in any orientation, but the EA30 enables users to capture images, signatures and videos.

After having introduced the EA30 last year, Intermec is committed to offer this technology across its handheld scanner product range, from general purpose (such as the SG20) to industrial handheld readers (like the SR61).

In short, the EA30 can offer businesses the flexibility to be successful by providing high performance scanning for today’s bar code scanning needs and adding a functionality that provides protection against changing requirements.

Here’s more on how the EA30 fits into Intermec’s product portfolio:

Intermec SG20 General Duty 2D Imager

The new SG20 scanner, announced in February 2012, speeds the customer checkout experience with the industry's fastest 2D bar code imaging technology for quick, flawless scans – every time.

Equipped with the new EA30 2D Imager, the SG20THP and SG20BHP not only read 1D and 2D barcodes, but also increase productivity and value add for counter top operations by enabling image capture (e.g. ID control) and feature the ability to even read barcodes on mobile phones (e.g. couponing, access control, loyalty cards).

Other benefits include:


Intermec SG20 General Duty 2D Imager

  • The fastest 2D Imager in the market to boost your countertop operational efficiency

  • The ability to capture images and read barcodes on mobile phones to add value to your application

  • A large LED indicator provides effective visual operational feedback

  • Unique, ergonomic styling maximizes comfort and saves countertop space

  • Bluetooth® wireless or tethered (cabled) connectivity

  • A wide range of multi-purpose accessories increase scanner flexibility

  • Seamless integration with point-of-sale systems, personal computers, and common software solutions

Intermec SR61THP and SR61BHP Industrial Imager

The Intermec SR61THP (high performance) and SR61BHP (Bluetooth capable) are the new generation in industrial 2D imaging, offering best in class motion tolerance and time to read, providing a distinct performance advantage to its users. The SR61THP and SR61BHP also offer:

  • A performance advantage as the only 2D imager to provide 50 times more motion tolerance than standard imagers

  • A future-proofed imager to capture images, signatures and reads 1D, 2D, composite and stacked codes

  • A highly visible aimer makes intensive bar code scanning and image capture easy and comfortable

  • A rugged design that withstands extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock for extended use in tough environments


Intermec SR61THP 2D Imager

The EA30 also offers:

Time to Read: It’s truly best in class, besting traditional lasers by 20 percent. Plus, by using a continuous laser line in the center of its frame, users are adopting much faster than previous 2D integrations. This makes the EA30 idea for applications on the move, such as picking, cross docking, tracking and manufacturing.

Productivity: As the first 2D imager in its class to deliver 500 IPS motion tolerance, the EA30 is truly “insensitive” – making scanning more efficient no matter the conditions. This is perfect for environments where barcodes need to be read on the move – such as the case with picking, sorting and tracking.

Visibility: The EA30 was designed specifically to work in the most hostile environments, operating in complete darkness to full sunshine while being exposed to a wide temperature range. It also complies with the most stringent standards for shock and vibration.

And these are just a few of the highlights. As businesses plan for the future of their scanning needs, the EA30 offers the ability to support ID, stacked, composite and 2D matrix codes to assure users their investment is protected for both current and future industry scanning standards.

The EA30 is also available within Intermec 70 Series mobile computers (CN70, CN70e, CK70, CK71).

To learn more about 2D Imaging benefits, receive the Intermec’s 2D Imaging White Paper by clicking onto this link: http://solutions.intermec.com/US?elqPURLPage=7&CampaignID=701A0000000OeA1IAK&VER=EN&CTRYLANG=US&TYPE=&utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_term=&utm_content=

To read more about Intermec 2D Imagers, use the following link: http://www.intermec.com/products/bar_code_scanners/index.aspx


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