Tag of the Week: Secret Art

Tag of the week

I do not know if this is a new form of art or a new technology. Is a barcode still a barcode if it looks like art? If no one ever told you this was a 2D Code chances are you would never know.

I consider my "Secret Art" a highly secure method of concealing or sharing confidential information. Individuals made aware of the secret behind the art are able to access personal messages and other sensitive information by scanning with a registered device.

Secret art is a secure and beautiful way to conceal or share valuable corporate or intimate personal information. Printed in giclee on canvas my art makes a beautiful addition to any decor and is truly one of a kind.

Use the Tag Reader app http://gettag.mobi to read 2d Logo Tags by daCosta, Microsoft Tag, QR Codes and NFC.

The Bar Code News is proud to feature creative and artistic uses of bar codes.  Other bar code artists interested in sharing their work may contact us here.

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