Five Bar Code Blogs You Should Be Reading (Part One of a Series)

typewriter keysBlogs are ubiquitous on the Internet today, covering a wide range of topics from hobbies and games to politics and business. A shortened contraction of "web log," blogs are written by both individuals and large corporations, and plenty of organizations somewhere in the middle.

It can be difficult to keep up with every interesting and educational blog on the web, and that's why we'd like to give you a few suggestions. Here are five blogs with a partial or total focus on bar codes and automatic identification that we enjoy perusing and offer for your consideration.

(1) The voice behind the - Blog, Melina McLean, offers information on the latest products and technology in the AutoID industry. Also known as Barcode Mel on Twitter, her voice is clear and informative and the blog also provides some video content.

With archived content back to 2008, the Barcoding Blog weaves together news, product reviews, and short how-to pieces to keep reader interest. There's also a nice feature called "Ask a Question," where you can get quick replies and more in-depth answers to your bar code queries.

(2) The 2D Barcode Strategy blog describes itself as "news, analysis, and commentary on 2D barcodes, QR codes, and all other mobile barcodes." Written by Roger Marquis, the primary focus of the blog is evaluating the effectiveness of QR code campaigns.

Since late 2010, the owner of the blog has been updating the 2D Barcode Litmus Test Scoreboard, keeping a running tally of hits and misses when it comes to successful uses of these versatile bar codes. If you're planning a marketing campaign using 2D codes or just want to read more about them, you'll find plenty of good information here.

(3) RFID Journal -  This RFID blog, written by editor Mark Roberti covers all sorts of interesting RFID matters.  It's not bar codes, but it IS in the auto-id industry and there is substantial and growing overlap between bar code and RFID technology. So that's why its included on this list.  The RFID Journal has been around since 2002 and is a publication worth checking out.

(4) The company blog from Zebra Technologies, found here has the goal of providing auto identification solutions for a range of specialties including retail, healthcare, and supply chain management. They also delve into security and mobility, along with radio frequency identification (RFID).

A manufacturer of bar code printers, supplies, and label design software for bar code labeling applications, Zebra offers plenty of variety on the blog, linking to news items, useful white papers and case studies, and new bar code technology applications worldwide. 

(5) Our own blog, The Bar Code News Blog, found here, has the purpose of uncovering unusual or interesting stories from the bar code industry and spotlighting them for readers. Seeking to serve as the "go to resource for everything bar code," we always appreciate hearing from readers and want to know what you think is worth covering.

And don't forget that the best way to stay on top of bar code industry news is to subscribe by clicking here - and it's free  whether you like it or not.

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