Bar Code Art Joining the Mainstream

Bar CodeTechnology has a way of invading all aspects of our lives and this is particularly true of bar codes. Bar codes have become so ubiquitous and so ingrained in our everyday lives that it is only natural for them to be used as decor for our homes and work spaces.  

Before, bar codes have been the inspiration for fine and pop art exhibitions, sometimes because it symbolizes consumerism, but mostly because of its visual impact. Now, even mainstream homes and offices are going crazy over the simple black and white designs. Bar codes are sleek, elegant and minimalistic, making it the epitome of a modern graphic classic. When combined with furniture and home decor, the results are stunning and contemporary.  

Here are some examples of furniture and home decor inspired by bar codes.

Bar Code Wall Sticker   

ferm LIVING (, a company known for its lifestyle interior products with a graphic touch, sells a wall sticker with a bar code design.  This was created by Aarhus, Denmark-based designer Trine Andersen. The bar code wall sticker is made of self-adhesive vinyl.  The wall sticker easily attaches to walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, mirrors and other surfaces, but is easy to remove and transfer to other surfaces.  It comes with simple instructions and tools.  The wall sticker is 100 cm wide and 50 cm high.  It is priced at 54 euros.


Bar Code Cushion

ferm LIVING also has a bar code cushion to match.  This stylish cushion is filled with down and made from high quality linen and cotton.  It is 70 x 45 cm.  It costs 67.50 euros.


Bar Code Chandelier

This oversized bar code chandelier makes the ultimate geek chic statement.  It is made of laser cut transparent and black acrylic.  This lighting fixture was created by Washington-based company Super Mobilet.  This bar code chandelier was so popular that it sold out immediately. 


Illuminated Barcode Sofa by Demuzz Designs

This illuminated bar code sofa was created by Demuzz Designs.  The sofa is made of plywood that has been upholstered with foam.   It is fixed to an acrylic Perspex platform and LED lights are incorporated into the base.  This sofa was designed by Jason John Muscat.


Bar Code CD Holder

This bar code-inspired CD holder was created by designer Marian Lassak.


Bar Code Coat Hanger

BarDeco has a coat hanger inspired by bar codes.  The hanger is decorated with black lines of different widths.  This was created by Lina Meier.


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