4 More Bar Code Blogs You'll Want to Read

bar code blogsLast month we decided to go on a hunt for blogs focused on some aspect of the bar code industry. We gave you a preview of five blogs and then went looking for more. Here's the second installment of bar code blogs that you won't want to miss.

(1) The tagline of the Barcode Test website is "Getting It Right," and not surprisingly, the focus of the blog is bar code quality. John Nachtrieb offers up a variety of content on subjects ranging from bar code verifiers to acceptable colors for linear bar codes. He also sprinkles in some industry news, and a little historical perspective.

An interesting aside, as the former CEO of Fotel, Inc, John mentions that the company pioneered film master manufacture and in 1974, imaged the first commercially scanned bar code in the United States.

With multiple pages of archived content, you're sure to find help for your bar code problems here. And if you don't, you can probably contact John with more detailed questions.

(2) Focused on label printing solutions, IntelliTech International's Barcode Label Solutions blog offers help to people working in just about every industry vertical. From health care to manufacturing, you'll find out how to choose the right bar code printer, and create the proper adhesive for custom labels, ensuring that your hard work doesn't end up on the floor.

Billed as a worldwide leader in open source bar code label printing, IntelliTech also offers a number of free downloadable e-books on the blog. And you'll find a comprehensive resource page called IntelliTech University, which provides readers with enough information to earn a degree in bar code technology.

(3) The blog from Wasp Barcode Technologies has a little different focus than the others we've reviewed. Called The Buzz Small Business Magazine, the company seeks to provide a variety of tools and products in one place for small business owners. But the good news for bar code enthusiasts? The Buzz talks quite a bit about bar codes and associated technology.

Our favorite post is titled, "The Coolest Uses of Barcode Scanners in Movies," where the top picks seem to include mostly futuristic films where bar codes are tattooed directly onto humans. The first movie listed, Alien 3, starring Sigourney Weaver, features convicts with bar codes inked on their necks.

(4) We're not sure why the A1 Barcode Systems blog uses the website URL that they do, but despite a fairly irregular blog posting schedule, there's some good information here. A reseller, A1 Barcode Systems contracts with many different government agencies, offering barcode software, scanners and printers, along with handheld computers.

What do you think? Did we miss your favorite bar code blog? Tell us more about where you're finding useful and up-to-date information about bar codes and bar code applications by leaving a comment below.

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