DMV Kiosks Offer Convenience, Security for Nevada Motorists

DMV KioskYou’re ready to head out to the grocery store, so you grab your list for one last look. Bread, eggs, milk, cat food, car registration renewal… . Seriously.

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has introduced an innovative concept in customer service. At more than 45 retail and other public locations – including the University of Nevada Reno and the University of Nevada Las Vegas – customers can walk up to a stand-alone DMV kiosk, scan an appropriate document bar code and, in minutes, be on their way.

The program is a collaboration between Frank Mayer and Associates (FMA) and Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI). The DMV kiosk can process and print vehicle registration renewal certificates and decals, duplicate vehicle registration certificates and decals, driver license renewals, driver history records, Motor Carrier International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Association payments, insurance reinstatements and more, with the capability to add new applications based upon clients’ needs.

The DMV kiosks also provide payment options for the user, including debit and credit cards, checks, even cash. Similar to an ATM, the kiosks are customer friendly, with easy to use touch screen instructions provided via voice and high definition graphics, and bar code scanners.

The DMV kiosks integrate multiple internal security features and the ability to interface with building and other exterior alarm systems.

Regarding security of drivers license renewals, Michelle Barber-Nicholson, Systems Administrator at ITI said, “The DL transactions processed on the kiosk are renewals or duplicates. As most States are processing all Drivers License cards from a central fulfillment center, they are not printed on the DMV kiosk. The customer enters personal information and processes the transaction, but will only receive an interim document until the DL card is processed at the central fulfillment center. The State uses the picture and mailing address on file. To update the picture or address the customer is required to visit the DMV and work with them for on the update.”

The Nevada DMV kiosks handle approximately 38,000 transactions per month. These are Nevada motorists who would otherwise be standing in line to be served by a department technician. Barber-Nicholson noted that the kiosks are also in place in select locations in California and South Dakota, and are under contract in New York.

About FMA

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in the creative design and manufacturing of branded in-store merchandising, interactive kiosks, retail ready displays and POP services. Privately held, Frank Mayer and Associate's headquarters are based in Wisconsin with offices nationwide. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

About ITI

Intellectual Technology, Inc. provides hardware and software system integration, as well as printing and delivery solutions to motor vehicle agencies throughout North America. ITI is based in Carlsbad, California, with a logistics and operations office located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. See

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