3 Olympic Mobile Apps For Android Keep You Updated

2012 London Summer OlympicsLast week we offered up the best iPhone apps to improve your Olympic viewing experience. Now that you've had some time to soak up the London Games a little more, here are some (free) options for the Android crowd.

London 2012 Results

For most smart phone users, mobile apps are best used to show the latest results. And this Olympic app delivers.

Tapping "Schedule & Results" brings up the current day's lineup, then selecting the sport takes you to the individual events planned for the day. You can tell if there's a medal to be awarded by the icon on the right side of the screen. Select the menu button on your phone to skip forward and backward through the calendar or to a different time of day.

You can also check out the hardware race by tapping "Medals." Find out which countries lead with the most overall medals, or see the individual athletes who lead the pack and the colors of their medals. .

NBC Live Extra

NBC's Olympic mobile app presents a home screen with options for viewing live events. As most watchers know by now, live isn't synonymous with an event occurring in London, but rather something taking place on the NBC broadcast.

Even so, you can still get your fill of video with this mobile app. The top section of the screen features recent highlight videos, while the center section shows live and upcoming events.

Across the top of the screen are three options. "Sports" takes you to an alphabetical list, while "Schedule" offers up an hour-by-hour compilation of what will happen that day. Tap the individual sport to get more detailed highlights, or add an event to your favorites list.

London 2012 Olympics Quiz

Playing the first few bars of God Save the Queen as the mobile app opens, the London 2012 Olympics Quiz seems tailored to the host country. It's simple and clean and the navigation is easy to follow.

Tap the Union Jack near the bottom of the screen to start the quiz. As each multiple choice question appears, pick the best answer and tap "Next" to find out whether your answer was right or wrong.

Each go-round consists of ten questions and once you've completed the set, you'll see a total score at the top of the screen (and some choice words if you got less than six questions right).

There's an option to share your score via email or social media, or you can tap the green reload arrow at the bottom of the screen in an attempt to improve. Download the app here.

These Android mobile apps will help supplement your viewing so you won't miss a thing.

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