Exotic and esoteric barcode scanners


Homer Simpson as a bar code reader?   The barcode design contest sponsored by Barcode.com is yielding some exotic and interesting results for barcode scanners.   

Designers are coming up with sci-fi and entertainment themes among others.  The contest is located on the 99 Designs website and is open to people of all ages and locations.

The Bar Code News (www.barcode.com) has been championing innovation in the design and implementation of barcode scanners.   This contest was created to give talented and creative people a chance to think outside the box.    People both inside and outside the industry have been invited to participate.  

The Homer version was designed by freelance graphic artist Stanislav Sestić of the firm Sele from Serbia (Sombor, Rastina).


Here are some other designs that caught our eye!


This tube design offers the option of easy to change covers - and could easily be themed for various holidays like Halloween or President's Day, or for promotions of vendors (maybe an Old Navy version for their stores, or American Eagle or even a Lady Gaga version for music stores.) Space on the interchangable covers could be sold to advertisers. This model was designed by Bender, of Finland.

The design below is perfect for a gaming store/movie theatre/ sci-fi themed venue.

This was created by Kame Graphics, run by Mufti Akbar Kurniawan from the city of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia  ( www.facebook.com/kame.surabaya)












The contest will run for about another week or more. Actually producing a working model is not needed. Just a sense of imagination or whimsy is important. 

Have an idea?  Make a sketch or picture, sign up at 99designs.com  and submit it here.

There is a $299 prize for the winner!


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