Barcode Reader Design Contest - 6 Finalists

SuccessSix designers have been selected as finalists in the Barcode Scanner design contest, sponsored by The Bar Code News™.

After reviewing over 60 contest submissions, these six designers stood out for their innovation, creativity and out-of-the box thinking. Judging by staff of The Bar Code News™ and The Point of Sale News™ will determine the overall winner.

Why create a bar code scanner design contest?

We wanted to provide inspiration for the barcode and retail industry.

Could a bar code reader be more interesting? Functional and fun? Branded with colors, patterns or logos? We think it can.

The cost of producing a basic no frills model bar code reader is quite low. So a game company (as an example) might provide free bar code readers to businesses like Gamestop for all their retail registers. The bar code scanner could feature a character or popular image from the game.

With millions of retail transactions being rung each month, a cool looking bar code reader would provide some buzz. Or, a bar code reader with an interchangeable exterior could provide a branding opportunity for an apparel chain, or a fashion house. There is really no limit as to what can be done at the retail counter.

Do barcode readers have to cost $150 to $500, or can themed and disposable barcode readers fill a void for a lot less?

Bar code scanner design finalists

The bar code scanner design contest was held at, a website known for graphics, design and logo contests.

First prize? $299 in cold hard cash to the best designer.

. . . drum roll, please . . .

Our six finalists (in no particular order):

Bar code scanner(1) Kame Graphic

Makes us think of our favorite starship! Live long and prosper!

Bender design(2) Bender

A barcode reader just begging for branding or a theme. Disposable covers anyone?

Romwald Chezu designer(3) Romwald Chezu

This bar code reader design lets you know where the barcode is supposed to go. Save time not having to wave your barcode all over the front of the counter. (Have you ever tried to use a barcode scanner at an airport kiosk? This design would streamline the process.)

USB bar code scanner(4) Dalias

Neat, sweet, petite! Collect barcodes for downloading later on.

Showerhead bar code scanner(5) Bloodmyr

What caught my attention here is the handle. Each time I go into Starbucks and pay with their mobile app, the clerk has to lift up the barcode imager and wave it over my phone. That scanner would be easier to use if it had a handle.

Homer Simpson bar code scanner(6) Stanislav šestic

We heard it’s okay to laugh or feel good now and then. This one made us smile.

Now it's time to turn the tables on you. What do you think of these six designs? Would you consider distributing one of these bar code scanners as part of your brand strategy?

Please tell us what you think by commenting below, or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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