A QR Code App Helps Bar Goers Break the Ice

Harrys Bar QR code appIt's nice to know QR codes are helping men and women find love.

And increasing beer sales during happy hour at the same time.

In Singapore, that is.

Using a QR code app, Harry's Bar launched the "Bottle Message" campaign. Bar patrons could purchase beers and send them to a potential love interest across the room with the help of QR codes.

The beer bottle arrives with a tag, including instructions on how to download the mobile app, retrieve the attached message from an admirer, and start a conversation with their mobile phone.

The video below shows how the QR code app works, but basically the owners were looking for a way to sell more beer.

They achieved their goal, noting that people using the app are buying, on average, twice as much beer as they did without it.

But in the process they found their customers were interacting much more than before. And people were having a lot of fun with the app.

Have you seen or tried a marketing campaign similar to this one? Leave a comment below.

(Image courtesy of Harry's Bar).