2D Bar Codes Enable Better Networking (And Not the IT Kind)

qrcodebusinesscardMeet Phil Lindauer. When you click through on the link to his name, you’ll find that he’s created a rather memorable way to present his résumé.

Phil uses a video format, talking the viewer through his accomplishments and goals, leaving those who watch with a good idea of his communication style and skill. He links the video to a QR code which is printed on his business card. 

Lindauer, a videographer and former Schlumberger engineer, began printing QR codes on business cards after watching a demo on his iPad on how to change a car filter. Something clicked, and he thought, “You know, I could stick these on business cards.” Over the last year, he has built up a business helping others do the same.

Lindauer has a Master’s Degree in Education from Capella University, his first experiment with distance learning. He went on to manage Schlumberger’s Global Distance Learning program, which is now an integrated part of training and development.

Now, along with making video business cards (what he has termed the QR-coded cards), Lindauer puts his skills to use creating web-based training and marketing material for large corporations. “When it comes down to it,” Lindauer says, “marketing is just targeted training.” And if self-marketing, commonly known as job-searching, can also be seen as training, what better way to introduce people to your skills?

As Houston’s unemployment rate edges up (to 7.5 percent in June), getting noticed is crucial for job seekers. Lindauer’s company, MyCardVideo, is hoping to help job seekers and those who spend a good deal of time and energy networking, do just that.

For years, graphic designers have come up with ways to make business cards snazzy self-branding tools: die cut cards, multi-purpose cards (think bottle openers), even edible cards. Adding a QR code enables an entirely new multi-media experience, and as smartphones become ubiquitous, more and more people have access to a QR code reader.

Some advantages of using QR codes as a part of networking strategy include the ability to:

  • Showcase your communication skills through video
  • Immediately direct prospective employers or clients to your website
  • Highlight your abilities as a tech-savvy employee or contractor

When clients are looking to add a multimedia aspect to their business cards, Phil takes them through the process step by step. He has each client bring in a script that has been sharpened by a couple of read-throughs. “Shorter is better,” Lindauer says. “Generally people will watch something, without distraction, for two minutes or less.”

Phil videos a client delivering his or her introduction or "elevator pitch" (he gives the option to use a telepromter), and then expertly edits and clips the segment. Clients are encouraged to bring in photos, and of course a hard copy of the resume or C.V., to add visual interest to the video.

Lindauer posts videos, using the YouTube platform, onto each client’s personal MyCardVideo site. When a business card, printed with a corresponding bar code, is scanned, the video automatically opens. Analytics, such where the scan took place and how many times a video has been watched, are easily tracked.

We’ve seen bar code art incorporated into corporate advertising campaigns. Why not use 2D bar codes in your personal campaign?

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