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bar code verifierBar code verifiers - sometimes confused with bar code scanners - work hard behind the scenes ensuring that printed bar codes can be read successfully virtually 100 percent of the time.

Designed to measure one-dimensional bar code quality, bar code verifiers analyze print contrast, bar growth or loss, wide to narrow ratio, and quiet zone dimensions and formats.

Styles of bar code verifiers

Depending on the type of bar code being printed, the size of the finished bar code, and where bar codes are being printed, different styles of bar code verifiers are available. The most common types are as follows:

(1) Pen-style verifiers,

(2) Desk-top models,

(3) Online verifiers,

(4) Personal computer based verifiers.

Why you need a bar code verifier

If you're new to the bar code industry and don't understand the difference between bar code scanners and bar code verifiers, you need to read this article on bar code quality. You'll find out why bar code verifiers carry a higher price tag than most bar code scanners.

Bar code verifiers help you get the answers to these questions:

(1) Do you have a high-performing bar code?

(2) As you print a large quantity of bar codes, does the quality stay the same from the beginning to the end?

(3) Does the bar code meet international quality standards?

and most importantly,

(4) Will the bar code de-code the first time and every time, when scanned using a variety of different bar code scanners?

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