Review: How to Choose a Bar Code Label Supplier

How to choose a bar code label supplierThere's a lot to consider when it comes to sourcing bar code labels for your business.

You might be looking for labels that can be run through a thermal transfer printer. Or those that can stand up to the elements in an outdoor application.

You need to consider label adhesion, how legible and printable your chosen labels will be, and how long the labels must last.

Those are some of the reasons PaladinID, a leading bar code label application developer, has released a special report detailing how to choose a bar code label supplier. Meant for anyone who is tasked with a bar code labeling project or whose job it is to purchase bar code labeling supplies, the information is beneficial to both first time and experienced users of bar code labels.

“A label is one of the most important items that go onto your products," Dana Ritchie of PaladinID said. "Just think, without a label, your product comes to a screeching halt. It does not move, get shipped or accounted for in inventory."  

The special report guides customers step by step through choosing a bar code label supplier. Developed because many customers had similar questions, Ritchie and others at his company figured if some of their customers were struggling with these questions, many others were too.

Explaining the importance of a label on products, and containing tips to improve operations and reduce costs, the report also includes a series of questions that a business should ask when searching for bar code labeling solutions.

“I think the most important thing to remember when choosing a label supplier is to find someone you can trust and who has the experience in the type of labeling problem you are trying to solve," Ritchie said.

Labeling solutions, because of recurring supply costs, offer the opportunity for significant savings over time. But those savings can easily be lost if the selected labels don't make the grade.


A PaladinID client, Daron Whitehouse of Madico Inc. added, “Production labeling and identification is a critical step in our manufacturing process to ensure products are manufactured according to spec and reach customers on time. Dana Ritchie and PaladinID continue to provide Madico with scanning and labeling solutions that integrates with our back-end legacy ERP system. As our IT tech department is not 24/7, scanning and printing must continue when our support isn’t available."

You can download the free report as a PDF document from www.howtochoosealabelsupplier.pdf.


About PaladinID, LLC

PaladinID creates bar code label applications and help customers design high quality label solutions. In business for over 23 years, they assist customers in solving identification and labeling challenges for productivity and accuracy.


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