RFID integration from A to Z

RFID integrator“Durable, reliable” tags at the core of integrator’s diverse solutions

Challenge: Integrator needs diversity of durable, reliable RFID tags

Lockwood Technology has a 15-year history of providing total asset lifecycle management solutions and services. Their work in enterprise-level asset tracking and management specializes in integrating asset management software and RFID/bar code automated data collection tools.

Lockwood’s diverse, global client base includes organizations in the finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, law enforcement, education, federal government, public sector, legal, telecommunications, insurance and other markets.

“When people ask about Lockwood Technology’s work, I can show them an A-Z chart of the verticals we serve,” said Brad Vinecombe. “Our experience shows that the world is using RFID.”

The breadth of company’s work has presented many challenges for fastening and reading RFID tags. Many of the assets clients want to track and manage are used in demanding conditions – extreme temperatures, heavy abrasion, etc. Additionally, many assets are metal, which can alter and weaken RFID signals.

“RFID tags are the issue,” said Vinecombe. “As we bundle software, hardware and services to provide integrated solutions, the RFID tags are a central component that must perform durably and reliably.”

Solution: connected to Metalcraft for technical expertise and "RFID tags that work"

When Lockwood Technology began their work in RFID, they were referred to Metalcraft as a source for custom, durable RFID tags and technical knowledge to support the company’s diverse integration work.

“In the early stages, Metalcraft’s technical expertise was very helpful,” said Vinecombe.

Specifically, Lockwood’s physical inventory service is an important part of their work to help clients track and manage assets. The service involves counting and tagging any type of real property, fixed assets and consumables. Their Site Survey Review service buildson the inventory by evaluating and planning for installation of RFID readers and antennae.

Often, these services uncover RFID tagging challenges – small, metal assets or assets that are stored in freezers, for example. And the shear number of assets covered in Lockwood’s solutions for large, public sector organizations demands that the tags perform reliably.

For example, Lockwood’s projects have used Metalcraft’s metal mount tags tracking polling machines, military laptops and fire department radios.

“Our customers have high expectations for RFID,” said Vinecombe. “Lockwood’s RFID solutions require tags that not only fit the range of assets, but have the survivability and reliability for these applications.”

Result: growth of RFID integration business supported by Metalcraft’s RFID tag expertise

Today, Lockwood Technology continues to rely on Metalcraft’s RFID tags for challenging applications, especially for marking metal assets.

“Metalcraft produces tags that work,” said Vinecombe. “And they keep their promises.”

Lockwood Technology’s growing client base includes organizations from both the private and public sectors. Fortune 500 companies throughout the world choose Lockwood as the solution that fits their need. Their relationship with the primary RFID industry suppliers, including Metalcraft, point to their strength as an integrator developing solutions that grow the value of the RFID industry.

"Our customers aren't just buying our products, they are investing in a relationship,” said Vinecombe. “We remain dedicated to providing a high standard of customer satisfaction to maintain the integrity of these relationships."

About Metalcraft

Call 800-437-5283 or visit www.idplate.com for more information on Metalcraft RFID products and service.

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