QR Code Reveals Hidden Menu at Panera

Panera-hidden-menu{jcomments on}    This QR code, found at Panera restaurants, innocuously displayed on a sign, offers new and exciting menu options.  Regular visitors to The Bar Code News, and The Point of Sale News know that I belong to the Panera loyalty program and have written about their restaurants and point-of-sale system in the past.  

   Today was a pleasant surprise, finding a QR code to scan that simply said "Hidden Menu".   I won't spoil your fun by putting a link here, instead - just scan the QR code in the picture and take a look for yourself.   The menu items look great.

   Note to Panera -  the magnetic stripe card I've been carrying in my pocket for the last few years is about worn out  - probably from so many visits to your Sarasota locations.   How do I get a replacement?   Feel free to add a comment below to respond.


















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