The Hip Hop World Of Bar Codes - Rap Video Tells It Like It Is

barcode rap video  Just the other week we ran a story on a Gangnam Style bar code video produced by a NJ bar code equipment manufacturer - it was a very popular article.  Now we've learned of another bar code rap video - this one produced by Leif Masella, a Sales and Marketing Specialist - and self-described bar coding freak -  at Electronic Imaging Materials. Click on the picture to watch the "Slap a Label on it" video. 

     For a 50 year old industry these videos are refreshing and phun.    We totally applaud the efforts and hope to see more examples of a hip, contemporary vision in all corners of the bar code industry.   

    EIM works with companies large and small across a variety of industries including laboratory and healthcare, manufacturing, asset tracking, warehouse and distribution, packaging and primary, cable management, and more.  EIM has the capability to make preprinted labels, but also provide customers everything they need to print their own labels, including label media, thermal transfer ribbons, label printers, barcode label design software, barcode scanners, and more.  EIM is based out of Keene, NH, but ship their products around the globe.

     Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. (EIM) is a high performance label manufacturer specializing in barcoding for harsh environments where labels may be exposed to temperature extremes, chemicals, abrasion, moisture, weather, or other unfavorable conditions.  Founded in 1987, EIM is now a second generation, family-owned company entering its 26th year in business.  Over the years, EIM has thrived on its ability to produce custom labels and solutions for customers with unique and difficult applications.  rap bar code video

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 Click to watch the Gangnam Style bar code video

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