Windshield RFID for Access Control, Convenience, Billing, Loyalty

cruz thru car wash rfid Need parking lot access control?  Have memberships at your car wash and want to simplify customer processing?  Windshield RFID tags are not new, but they are increasingly being implemented with great results. 

   Cruz Thru Express Carwash, in California, uses RFID technology in their "members only" lane, at multiple locations.    According to Raymond Roselle, one of Cruz Thru's founding partners "The benefit of our RFID-enabledfastPass is customer loyalty and ease of service,"  "Customers don't understand the difference in technologies, but they know Cruz Thru will provide better service and time-saving steps to have them return time and time again." 

    The RFID windshield tags were created by Metalcraft, a veteran label maker in the RFID world.

   Roselle says his fastPass system is at the heart of what his industry needs to deliver – service and convenience. Cruz Thru can accommodate 150 cars per hour.   Roselle sees many applications for Metalcraft's RFID Windshield Tag, too.  "Lube shops should be tagging vehicles, too," said Roselle. "RFID Windshield tags are a technology that the automotive industry needs to use."

    Another vendor of RFID windshield tags is Convergence Systems, who recently introduced a new version of their tag, dubbed the CS6720 Windshield RFID Label.  The vendor recommends it for parking control solutions at university, government, and corporate campuses. It is a self-adhesive paper label designed to be mounted on the inside of the windshields of cars, buses, and trucks and sends a long range RFID signal that can be identified at highway speeds for automatic vehicle recognition. The label uses passive EPC C1G2 UHF RFID technology that does not require a battery and can survive up to ten years. It is tamper evident label that also is tamper proof and destroyed upon removal.   Samples are available through their North American distributor TransTech Systems.

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