Barcodes For Industrial and Factory Areas

lanpoint2Sometimes I forget just how far and wide bar code technology has permeated our world.  I don't get onto the floor of a factory or warehouse all that often, but bar code technology IS present and functioning quite well there.   The four companies below have expanded my mind with the barcode and RFID solutions they offer for a variety of industrial, factory, warehouse and commercial niches that many of us don't come across every day.  Incidentially, I had the pleasure of talking with all of these vendors and they have been around and have decades of experience. If you have a problem, call or email them and ask for help with a solution.    
Intelligent Instrumentation Inc (   This company, run by President Bob Auman, offers data collection terminals for industrial fixed-mount shop floor WIP tracking,  employee time and attendance, machine autoID interface, or virtually any employee interaction with automated data collection or process automation systems.  It's made in America and they have sold over 200,000 of their machines in a wide variety of niches, including defense, aerospace and many others. The company was established in 1984.  The device not only handles all kinds of input, but has I/O for things like conveyor motors, label printing, production counting and supports biometric, Bluetooth, serial, USB,etc. See Lanpoint listing here.
Bell Hawk Systems Corp -  (  offers real-time industrial warehouse management, inventory, and production tracking software.  Used by laboratories, government agencies, manufacturers, distributors, food processors, engineering and other industrial organizations. This company, run by Dr. Peter Green, has been in business since 1989.  According to the company's website "A primary function of the BellHawk software is to capture data in real-time and then to integrate, interpret and disseminate that data in such a way that it solves operational problems for industrial organizations."  View the Bellhawk listing here.
Skycore LLC ( is a mobile value added service provider (VASP) specializing in mobile multimedia delivery technologies and applications for mobile operators, enterprises, brands and their agencies. The codeReadr app for smart phones is utilized in conjunction with the company's SaaS platform - a cloud-based auto-ID and data capture (AIDC) solution which enables mobile apps to read, track & authenticate data-embedded barcodes and NFC objects anywhere, at any time. It is especially useful, fast and easy for small and medium sized venues and businesses to deploy since no CAPEX or training is required.  Data embedded objects may include tickets, coupons, inventory and virtually any asset as well membership, corporate, student, patient and other IDs, whether presented in printed form or on a mobile phone. CodeReadr listing.
l-tron BAS-3050-AE-2T
L-Tron ( the first company to advertise in our new Industrial Products section - offers an exotic range of items from industrial keyboards and pointing devices, to communications, human-machine interface technology, building automation, I/O devices and more.  L-Tron is based in NY and has been in business over 35 years.  L-Tron’s application software offerings include configured, shrink-wrapped applications for asset tracking, check-in, check-out, citation, accident reporting, evidence tracking, inventory and label printing, as well as custom applications to meet specific customer requirements.  See the L-Tron listing here.  
   Not only do these companies still embrace bar codes, but they're also utilizing RFID, Bluetooth, NFC and other contemporary technologies.  All of them have a can-do attitude and are eager to show that they can solve your commercial or industrial problems.  If you're looking for new ways to improve efficiencies and increase profits, take a look at what they have to offer.
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