Lego "Barcode" Thief Going to Jail

  legojail   Last year we reported on a chap who was nailed putting fraudulent barcode labels on Lego toys by alert Target employees.   Just this week it was reported in the Palo Alto Online News that he would be going to jail for 30 days and then wearing an ankle monitor for 150 more days.  Plus paying a small fine.  We're rather disappointed with the punishment, but jails in California are overcrowded and it's expensive to keep someone there. 

      I wasn't sure whether the ankle monitor would be using RFID, GPS, or Sensormatic technology, but Wikipedia says it's probably a radio frequency based device.

     Meanwhile, no word on what the convict - Langenbach - will be doing at home to keep himself busy.  Let's make sure nobody is selling him rolls of barcode labels or RFID chips, eh?