Barcode Printers in a Medical Products Distribution Warehouse

l-tron-medical-solutionThe Challenge  -

   "We need a printer that is easy to use, reliable, flexible, and one that can standardize workflow company-wide as we implement and utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution".  

A Global Diagnostic and Laboratory Products Company current process in place for barcode labeling was using a plethora of label printers throughout three manufacturing facilities, each with different label formats.  The printers were out of date and would not be able to handle the implementation of their new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.  In order to improve efficiencies, the company looked to find a printer that would standardize their workflow company-wide, as well as on that would be able to stand up against the conditions of a manufacturing environment. 

An international distributor of medical equipment for blood screening, diagnostic and disease monitoring in hospitals and blood centers was rolling out an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to better integrate their three-warehouse operation. Management realized that implementing this system could improve speed, performance and, ultimately, productivity, by synchronizing all the data throughout different business units. The company was hoping that the new system would allow information to flow freely, reducing the time needed to search for data; streamline the workflow, since employees can update data quickly to do their job more efficiently and lead to higher customer satisfaction when customers receive their goods faster. It could, they believed, also make budgeting and forecasting easier, since all sales, shipments, purchase orders, prices, materials used, etc. are tracked.  Management also knew that barcodes that would keep the system up-to-date were crucial, since all information is automatically entered into the system when the barcode is scanned.

The distribution company needed assistance in finding and purchasing a quantity of bar code label printers that would be applicable to the various divisions of the warehouses, offering integrated access to data as well as consistent labeling on all of their products. At the time of the decision to integrate, multiple models of printers were being used throughout the facilities with different printer options, and many were out-dated. Often, these older and less effective printers were shelved in case replacements parts were needed, thus taking up valuable storage space.

The Solutionzebra-zm400

The company had a long history with Zebra Technologies, a provider of industrial barcode printers, and was looking to stay with this company.  After careful evaluation of various providers of Zebra printers, the company chose L-Tron Corporation for the job.  L-Tron is value added-solutions provider of end-to-end solutions, collaborating with clients and key business partners to fully understand the challenges impacting the specific organization.  Through various site visits of the facilities and getting an understanding of their operations, L-Tron was able to find a solution that solved the company’s business challenge, the Zebra ZM400 printer.

After interviewing and evaluating several solution providers, they selected L-Tron Corporation, based on their responsiveness to the various needs of the company. The L-Tron team visited the three warehouses and, understanding that management perceptions are not necessarily the experience of the boots-on-the-ground workers, they interviewed both users and decision makers.

After multiple interviews, the company learned that L-Tron is a value-added solution provider, collaborating with clients and key business partners to fully understand the challenges impacting the specific organization. L-Tron’s application software offerings include configured, shrink-wrapped applications for asset tracking, check-in, check-out, citation, accident reporting, evidence tracking, inventory and label printing, as well as custom applications to meet specific customer requirements, making it a viable choice for the integrative arm of the transition.

The client specified that using Zebra products was a must. Choosing from Zebra’s vast product line, L-Tron selected the model of printer that would be most appropriate for the client’s needs. They recommended and field-tested the Zebra ZM400 to the client’s satisfaction, and then negotiated the final pricing, a key component as more than 70 printers were purchased and having L-Tron complete a bulk deal saved the client a significant amount of money.

The Zebra ZM400 printer coincided with what the company was looking for because it was able to print their complexly configured 2D barcodes for scanning, standardize their workflow across their three manufacturing facilities, and was durable enough to withstand the conditions of their manufacturing environment.  This printer increased their efficiencies and was proven to be better than the printers that were previously used.


The ERP process was successful. The Zebra ZM400 printers were delivered on time and within budget. The printers were lauded by the warehouse workers as easy to learn and use, reliable, with easy loading of labels and other documents. Users commented that the printers’ media loading capabilities have allowed for even a crooked label insert to come out smooth and straight.

The client expressed gratitude to L-Tron for aggressive negotiating on price and as a trusted source of information on emerging and projected technologies. The successful coordinating effort, before, during and after the sale, inspired the client to call L-Tron a “go-to” resource, not only for this project but for other issues in different divisions of the manufacturing and distribution company.

About L-Tron

Founded in 1975, L-Tron Corporation is a provider of data acquisition, data collection and industrial automation solutions for commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, OEM, Law Enforcement and government agencies around the world. L-Tron helps organizations increase operating efficiency and control costs by partnering with industry-leading manufacturers to design and develop productivity-enhancing products that reduce manual processes and increase data accuracy in these environments. Visit for more information.

About Zebra Technologies

A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets, people and transactions, enabling companies to unlock greater business value.   

The company's extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, illuminates mission-critical information to help customers take smarter business actions. Zebra’s products help companies identify, locate and track assets, transactions and people. Their on-demand specialty digital printing and automatic identification solutions are implemented in more than 100 countries around the world. Barcode, RFID and card printers are among the products Zebra offers for innovative technology-based solutions. 

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