Help Stop Patent Trolls with the EFF

trollThis week, the House of Representatives will vote on the Innovation Act of 2013 (H.R. 3309), the best troll-killing bill we’ve seen yet. The Innovation Act will make life harder for the trolls by:

  • making it easier and cheaper to fight against the trolls in court
  • requiring trolls to make their cases for infringement publicly and with specifics
  • protecting end users and consumers when they face suits from patent trolls

This bill has bipartisan support, and the Judiciary Committee sent to it to the House floor with overwhelming approval. But most elected officials do not understand how dramatically trolls threaten the American innovation economy. Jobs are lost, companies shuttered, and they cost our country $29 billion dollars per year. Your call right now is vitally important.

I received this link from the EFF, or Electronic Freedom Foundation.  They have a number to dial, and will ask you for your zip code and then connect you with your Congressperson.  I called and it works just fine.

I encourage you to do the same right now.    Patent trolls are like anchors on the train of progress.   They suck blood (or capital), from businesses and add no value.   Many businesses cannot afford to fight patent trolls on their own.  This act is a good place for a start.