NiceLabel’s Produce Traceability Software for Wal-Mart Suppliers

NiceLabel’s Produce Traceability Software for Wal-Mart Suppliers

Earlier this year, Wal-Mart’s produce suppliers were sent a notification letter stating a mandatory compliance for produce traceability labeling. This came as a shock to suppliers due to the short notice and infancy of the Produce Traceability Initiative. Now that time is running out, suppliers are panicking to meet the case label requirements before these dates stated by Wal-Mart:

• Effective November 1st  -  Distribution Centers will be required to have standardized case labels, consistent with the PTI standard.

• On January 1st -  , 2014, products out of compliance will be rejected as out of spec unless an active exception has been issues by the buyer prior to delivery.

This mandate is a familiar reminder to 2003 when Wal-Mart surprised its top 100 suppliers with an RFID mandate for pallets and cases of goods. In this current situation there is a valid food safety concern to make produce immediately traceable to the area or row in which it was grown.

The produce traceability initiative is needed to ensure that any contamination is localized to prevent widespread health problems caused by E. Coli and Salmonella. Wal-Mart made it clear they are the first big player to make the move on suppliers.

Suppliers looking for a cost effective approach to PTI case labeling can seek out the NiceLabel Designer Pro software. NiceLabel’s easy to use label designer is sold with a free Wal-Mart PTI label template ready for printing. The PTI label template includes the sought after Voice Pick codes crucial to the standard. Download the NiceLabel demo today and meet the Wal-Mart mandate!

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