Roll Your Own Barcode Reader with New Motorola scanner #NRF14

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Well, some of my prayers have finally been answered.  This morning, at NRF14 (the National Retail Federation show) in Manhattan,  I saw a new bar code reader that offered the ability to change the design AND tone of the reader. 

The new barcode reader handles 1D and 2D codes, is extremely lightweight and ergonomic and was a pleasure to use.  The design was elegant and attractive as any Apple product, and, I would say it represents a new high mark for bar code reading products.  If you’re running a high end business, this is a MUST HAVE item.  

Regular readers of this publication may recall the 50 Shades of Gray article - complaining about the boring bar code readers that we’ve been forced to use for decades.   Two years ago we even conducted a design contest for innovative bar code readers.  Well, we shall suffer no more.  
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The model comes with a choice of five tones, and the user can also download his own tone.  A sample tone that was demonstrated was a simple audible “Thank you”.   Very nice!! 





Thank you Motorola!   And kudos to the design team!! 










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