Innovative Small Digital Display for Bars Adds Cell Phone Chargers


Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

MediaCaddy, winner of 2012 DigiAward for Best Small Screen Format Digital Display, introduces a newly enhanced model of its patent pending digital display bar caddy. The new model is designed to serve casual dining bars and restaurants and comes equipped with dual USB hubs to facilitate charging cell phones.

MediaCaddy, an Atlanta based company, was awarded the 2012 DigiAward for Best Small Screen Format Digital Display[1] for its modern update to the traditional bar caddy. Market demand for restaurants to offer cell phone charging access for its guests led to a simple upgrade to the MediaCaddy which now includes a USB hub at either end of the device to allow charging of cell phones. The new version of the caddy was deployed in November 2013 to over 30 locations via MediaCaddy’s strategic partner, CaddyVision Network, in Tampa, FL. The new design will replace the existing model in Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Turner Field, Minnesota via United Media Group, Philadelphia via Clear Cloud Media and South America via ProMedia. The current inventory of over 1500 caddies is ready for immediate deployment with manufacturing plans for an additional 10,000 units.

MediaCaddy is in conversations with the leading sports bar in America, as well as several other chains among the Technomic Top 100 Casual Dining Chains. Additionally, conversations are ongoing with the all five of the top breweries in the country for product sponsorship. According to the Technomic Top 100 Casual Dining Restaurant Report (2012), the average growth rate in units is 2.7% with an average per person check price of $18.50. The average revenue per unit is nearly $4M. With distribution opportunities in over 16,000 chain units and over 10,000 independents, achieving critical mass for concentration in the Top 25 DMAs should be achievable in less than two years.

Mary Kokoszka, a 15 year veteran of cinema advertising with National Cinemedia, accepted the role of SVP Sales and Marketing in October, 2013. She states, "When I heard the average dwell time of a typical casual dining consumer was 57 min, and MediaCaddy’s distribution footprint was at the bar among casual dining sports bars and restaurants, I knew the product would be a home run. The target market would skew over 50% male while captive, relaxed and receptive. Not to mention they’re reaching them while out of home, in a discretionary spend mode." She went on to say, "In working closely with restaurants over the years, I was proud to introduce a product that provided utility, the ability to increase sales and a source of revenue for restaurants." Market results indicate an average lift in sales of 19%. A formal research study will be completed no later than May 2014.

Lastly, the timing is ideal for the addition of digital signage[2] network to the casual dining segment. With industry leaders like Applebee’s, Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings introducing digital ordering tablets or gaming devices, consumers acceptance and engagement with digital technology primed and ready. According to MediaCaddy’s Chief Operating Partner, Paul Byrd, "MediaCaddy is a compliment to any digital ordering tablet system. We perform a completely different function in our utility of holding condiments and straws and influencing guests at the crucial point of sale. Both products help improve the bottom line to restaurants, however, the MediaCaddy model makes money for the restauranteur without any capital investment, downtime or training."

MediaCaddy will be licensing additional territories in the US in March for resellers interested in owning their own media network footprint. National and multi-unit chains will still be secured via MediaCaddy’s corporate office in Atlanta. Restaurant and potential Licensors are encouraged to visit the MediaCaddy website ([3]) or contact Mary Kokoszka directly at 855-635-4361.

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