Over 100 Million Bar Codes Sold

barcodesUniversal Product Codes (UPC) or barcodes, have helped merchandisers keep track of sales and inventory for decades. For Brandon Gordon, a Brooksville, Florida, business entrepreneur, that has translated into a big business. He has now sold more than 100 million of them.  100 million barcodes

His business, Bar Codes Talk is a distributor and reseller of legal bar codes, said Jonathan Gould,  general manager of Bar Codes Talk. A family-owned and operated business, Bar Codes Talk has made it easy for retailers with little or no computer experience to list and sell their products online. Their customer base boasts more than 35,000 companies.

As Gould notes, “We sell bar codes on-line at discounted prices and are accepted by Amazon, Whole Foods, Home Depot and other retailers globally. We’re a small company in terms of staff, but we have a strong web presence, due to Brandon’s experience with internet marketing. We can keep costs low and our performance for our clients highly efficient.”

He continued, “Demand for the digital codes continues as more products go to market, and most sellers require the products they buy wholesale be affixed with bar codes.”

Begun over 20 years ago by Gordon’s father, the company has grown, due in large part to Brandon focusing on the global marketing and automation for their high tech website. Smartphones have played a big role in expanding their coverage, but personal attention has been the key to their success. The constant reinvestment into their website has helped keep the company ahead of any competition.

One unique feature of Bar Codes Talk is a product registry that helps companies put their inventory online. It’s called ProductFeed, and is directed to retailers to help sell their products through Google Merchant, Shopping.com and TheFind.com. Through these options, retailers can select products they want to sell, upload the feeds and enjoy a unified feed to save time and make inventory changes across multiple channels.

What readers will find on the website are categories of merchandise that include pet care, furniture, apparel, cameras, food, electronics, baby stuff and more.

Said Gould, “Our website is fully automated, but we are here, personally, to answer questions and can walk anyone through the process of getting a barcode and helping them understand what will work best for them. We are very hands-on, and talk to people in simple, not techie, terms.”

Labels and tags, including customized labels, are also part of their production.

The company has been specializing in printed EAN and UPC adhesive labels for over 20 years. Bar Codes Talk has websites globally in India, China, and the United Kingdom, and, primarily, the United States.

For more information, visit www.BarCodesTalk.com, or call 1-877-263-1343.

By Suzi Harkola

Editors note - this article was originally published in April 2014 when sales were over ten million bar codes, and was most recently updated in June 2018 to reflect incremental sales data.

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