I-Loyalty Smart Card Loyalty System Launch



I-Loyalty handset and smart card pack

I-Loyalty handset and smart card pack

PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jul. 1, 2014 - NOTTINGHAM, U.K. -- A Local Nottingham Company has designed, developed and patented a new version of a hand held loyalty system called I-Loyalty card system that will soon be in most Nottingham and National retailers.

Small retailers in Nottingham are calling out for a low cost Loyalty Program for their respective customers, but there are only the big systems on the market which cost thousands of pounds, so I-Loyalty have gone that one step further, and have designed, manufactured and patented this latest piece of technology to satisfy the need for a less expensive system.

It’s taken over 12 months in the development and testing stages and it has been released for sale on the open market recently, the director has expressed a great enthusiasm for the stand alone I-Loyalty handset. Having been involved in a smart card printing business, she appreciates the need for driving sales in retail and Loyalty Cards have proved to be a great marketing initiative.

Connecting with one's customers should be the main focus of sales, and customer rewards are a way forward in achieving results, this hand held unit will retail at £199 plus VAT and due to it being designed in Nottingham will pave the way forward for this advanced piece of technology.

The I-Loyalty handset offers just a few of these impressive features, Issuing RFID smart cards, lost/stolen, summary, different card types, Cash Card, Point of Sale Card, Gift Card, Staff Cards, Gift Card with pre-Top up.

Shops that are equipped with this system could have a homepage on the website www.i-loyalty.com and people can buy pre-paid gift cards online and send to friends.

More information can be found on their official website: www.i-loyalty.com[2]


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