Paysera launches mobile vehicle registration plates based parking technology


Paysera enables the driver to pay for parking without leaving a vehicle

Paysera enables the driver to pay for parking without leaving a vehicle

PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jul. 15, 2014 - Paysera, a global payment system, has developed a technology, which will change existing parking habits in parking lots all over the world. The new technology links the vehicle registration plate with an e-wallet and ensures that the driver can pay for parking without leaving the vehicle.

Despite of a wide use of automatic vehicle registration plate reading systems clients are obliged to search for cash or credit cards in their wallets, even though the vehicle registration plate has been recognized. Technology developed by Paysera makes the vehicle registration plate a payment method itself.

“The technology is user-friendly to drivers and administrators. Administrators of parking lots reduce the money collection and equipment administration costs. Drivers don't need to have cash or credit cards, no payments need to be done through payment machines, no queues by the barrier”, says Andrius Balkunas, the development manager of EVP International, which develops the Paysera payment system.

Existing payment systems create additional difficulties. It is a common experience when the driver comes to the barrier and he finds out that the unpaid time limit has been exceeded. The driver has to pull the vehicle back and to pay for the parking time. In case there is a queue behind the vehicle, the driver has to leave the vehicle and to go to the payment machine to make a payment. At the same time other drivers experience delay too.

No additional devices are needed in the vehicle to use this innovative system. The driver of the vehicle has to open a Paysera payment system account and register the vehicle registration plate by SMS once.

After the vehicle enters the parking lot, a certain amount of money will be reserved on the Paysera account, according to the parking rate. After the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the total reserved amount for parking will be taken in one payment. After the vehicle registration plate based payment system is introduced, there will be no queues for leaving the parking lot. It is applicable to parking lots with high parking intensity, i.e. airports, shopping centers, where there are more than 10 000 barrier lifts per month.

The new technology developed by Paysera starts to operate in July 2014. The first city to introduce the innovative parking technology is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. IBM Smarter Cities Challenge has recognized Vilnius as being of one the Smarter Cities in the world. About Paysera: Paysera is a global payments system, which enables its users to make reasonable savings when making international payments for the price of local rates. Paysera is an electronic payment institution, licensed by the European Union, and is a leader in a global market for its wide range of services such as international transfers at local rates, payments done via the Internet and mobile devices, money transfers by SMS, collect fees, make immediate payments when shopping by using QR codes. Currently Paysera has 150 000 users. EUR 318M in 2013 were transferred by using Paysera. Since the system was launched two years ago, 70 banks all over the world have chosen to become partners of the system. Paysera expands its business by creating global solutions for local markets. Find out more about Paysera at


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