Litmus Automation Launches Internet of Things Cloud Platform


PRLog[1] - Jul. 21, 2014 - SAN DIEGO -- Litmus Automation Launches Internet of Things Cloud Platform

San Diego, CA, July 21, 2014 - Litmus Automation, who is re-envisioning the Internet of Things ecosystem with a line of integrated business applications, has launched their latest product. Loop is an end-to-end cloud platform which connects sensors, devices, or smart machines to business applications or Big data systems creating huge value for businesses.

Loop connects the devices or machines that businesses use, produce or sell with the business applications that can productively utilize the data from those devices. By plugging in already-running hardware, Loop allows businesses to analyze data through easily accessible custom applications as well as existing enterprise systems. Providing the connectivity that today’s businesses crave for success, Loop lets users relay critical hardware data to cloud based applications for further use. Then, Loop goes further by providing powerhouse one-click connectors. Featuring MYSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, and enterprise connectors such as CRM and ERP Systems, Message Queuing, Drools Business Logic Integration, and more.

Loop is one of its kind end-to-end solution for Connectivity, Management and Integration of any IoT project:

Connectivity: Loop runs over MQTT, a specially designed-for-IoT protocol and it is a hardware agnostic platform. It can be quickly deployed with just a few lines of code. Moreover Loop houses client libraries for a number of famous prototyping platforms like Arduino, mbed, RX62, Openpicus, Intel Galileo and Raspberry Pi.

Management: Through a single point interface of the dashboard, Loop provides complete provisioning, over the air updates (OTAP) and performance monitoring. To add to this, RESTFul APIs make it developer friendly. For a reliable and stress-free experience, security around Loop is designed for "things" with fine grade authorization which ensures that the data is in the right place at the right time.

Integration: The aspect usually left out from Internet of Things solutions is that the real business value is when you get insights out of humongous data. Keeping that in mind, Loop has proprietary connectors for various ERP, CRM, CEP and BPM systems. These connectors are one of its kind "zero-config" systems with hassle-free deployment. And the connected devices are open to use multiple such connector applications to publish data to as many applications as required. This special feature allows companies to utilize their existing IT investments and get faster ROI.

There is a need for secure, scalable architecture that enables reliable and modular IoT implementation. Businesses are preparing for the impact of this connected-things world as well as turning to the cloud to maintain and promote growth, and Litmus Automation’s Loop is a solid foundation for any company that envisions the implementation of Internet of Things. Custom designed connectors based on fields of utility makes it a unique offering in IoT ecosystem. Ease-of-access is combined with businesses’ already-running hardware to convey a powerhouse of productivity application enabling a company’s movement with the pace of transforming technology.

About Litmus Automation

Established in 2013, Litmus Automation focuses on giving businesses the connectivity tools they need to succeed. Litmus Automation’s team created Loop to solve a big problem that they faced while working at an industrial automation company. Loop is designed on the fact that although Internet of Things has disruptive potential for companies, the connectivity between already owned technology and enterprise solutions is invaluable.

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