Coffee by Barcode

FullSizeRender.jpgNew Nespresso VirtuoLine machine could not be any easier to use. Unlike older versions of the Nespresso where you had to tell the machine how much water to use for each individual coffee capsule, the new machine is already formulated for the perfect pour. How? Barcodes, of course. 

Each coffee or espresso capsule that is built to fit in the new machine has a barcode printed on the underside. This allows the user to just place the capsule in the machine and turn it on without having to press any other buttons. The barcode will tell the machine how much water to add to create the perfect coffee or espresso beverage. 
Each espresso and coffee flavor has a distinct barcode. A stronger roast may require more or less water, or water at a different temperature than, say, a medium roast. Thankfully, the machine inuits all of it, and you get your coffee-shop quality coffee for $0.75-$0.95 per cup.
To read more about the Nespresso Virtuoline, click here.
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