How DO You Make That Barcode? Our Top Ten Articles on making your own barcode

make barcodeYou want to create your own barcode - maybe print it or use it in a flyer or sign or email or put it on your business card?

We've compiled our top ten articles on making your own bar codes.   Please note that there are times when you should NOT make your own barcode - for example, you need a bar code for a product that will be sold at retail - for this, we suggest you read the top article first.  


1. How to Create a Barcode for a Particular Number
  How do I create a barcode for a particular number? This barcoding question is one we get asked pretty frequently. The truth is - there are a few different questions hidden in here, and therefore ...
2. About Selecting the Right Bar Code Font
For any business that utilizes bar code labels in some form, knowing which size of bar code font to use on the labels is important. Much like typeset fonts, bar code fonts vary in size and style and are ...
3. Make A Bar Code - Quick and Easy Tool
Create a bar code or QR code using the free tools from our label sponsor   Create a Standard Barcode or a QR code, or a sheet of barcodes - repeating the same number or sequential. Use for business cards, advertising and more. 
4. How to Create a Bar Code in Microsoft Word
5. How to Create a Bar Code in Microsoft Excel   - Creating bar codes in Excel.
6. How to Put Barcodes on Your Products
 After you make a barcode, some thoughts on where to put them on things. To try creating your own barcodes, click on this link:  Make a barcode.   Written by Craig Aberle If you liked this article, try some other articles in our Learn ...
7. Bar Code Technical Resources
 A variety of semi-technical articles on bar code specifics.   Bar Code Colors - What Works?
 8. Choosing a bar code label printer -  There are many options for all kinds of labels, cards, wristbands.  We discuss these in detail.  
 9. When to Verify a Bar Code -  There is the matter of bar code verification - which you will need to do IF you are putting bar codes on products destined for the retail or wholesale supply chain. Many different types of devices will need to read your bar code - when you comply with bar code specifications, you can be sure that your bar codes will work for all types of bar code scanners and smartphones.   
10. Create Bar Code Mailing Labels With OpenOffice
  In a previous article, we covered how to create bar codes in Microsoft Word for personal or business use, but for those without access to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice software is a free alternative. ...
 11. Creating bar codes with colors - A wee bit more challenging than you may think.  How to do it and test it to ensure it will scan in the real world.  
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