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Our most popular, informative and educational articles about QR codes are listed below.   Another page will have our most popular stories about QR code applications being used by various businesses.   


QR Codes - Everything you always wanted to know*
Written by auto-id expert Marsha Harmon, this perenially popular article covers a lot of ground and has some wonderful pictures of QR codes in use from around the world. 
Ten Best Practices for Using 2D Barcodes in Advertising
By Brenna Roth - Best Practices for Employing QR Codes 2D barcodes have pervaded advertising. The concept is simple: provide a gateway between the physical and digital to engage consumers in interactive brand communication ...
QR Code Shootout - What App Is Fastest?
(QR Code Solutions) - Good to article to consider when choosing an app to read QR codes and bar codes.
What QR code reader app is fastest?  That is the main question I was trying to answer.   In an effort to make scanning QR codes as painless as possible, I would like to be using the one that ...
History of the Bar Code
(Barcoding 101) - Perhaps our most popular article ever, viewed over 100,000 times.  In a concise way this article discusses the evolution of the bar code.  Numerous useful reference links are included.  Recommended for those with a curiosity about bar codes and for those doing research who would like to find some excellent citations. 
... 2) The 2D bar code that is seen most frequently was developed by Denso-Wave in 1994, a Japanese company. This 2D code is also referred to as a QR code, or Quick Response code. Because it has been placed ...
Bar Codes: QR Should Not Mean "Questionable Readability"
(QR codes and 2D ) - Not all QR codes are created equal.  Before you print a million QR codes to put in your magazine ad or on your retail product, read this.
...There are right ways and wrong ways to implement QR Codes. Do you know the difference? Without question, QR Code is the 2D symbology of choice for business-to-consumer and social media. QR Code symbols ...
Security Analysis of QR/Barcode Apps Finds Malware
(QR codes and 2D )
 This article, written by a security expert, shares the names of several QR code reading apps which have nasty habits and should be avoided. 
... ily seen in their Play Store listings: None of them have websites, just a gmail address which anyone can make. Only the first has a privacy policy, which is a very poorly written wiki page on Gi ...
How to Add a QR Code to Your Gmail Signature
(QR Code Solutions)
Haven't you always harbored a secret desire to have a QR code in your email signature? 
... e can easily access the information. (If you're not sure how to do that, we'll show you how below.) If you're using an email service that includes an HTML editor - think Gmail, Outlook Express - the ...
How to Successfully Use 2D Barcodes in an Advertisement
(QR codes and 2D )
A QR code is a type of 2D barcode.  This article takes a broader perspective and offers valuable thoughts about 2D codes and marketing. 
...  is a start. About the Author Roger Marquis is the founder of 2D Barcode Strategy, a marketing consultancy that focuses on the use and strategy of 2D barcode technology for marketing, advertising an ...
Why QR Code Campaigns Are Failing
(QR Code Solutions)
QR code marketing campaigns seem to fail far more frequently than they succeed.  This author says it's our own damn fault, and explains why.  (It's pretty easy to fix what's wrong.) 
The First Billion QR Code Scans Are The Hardest
(The BarCode News)
When will a QR code campaign have a billion scans?  Well, frankly, we thought it would have happened already.  Our take on what is needed.
... Whatever it is that is going to cause the first billion scans will have to produce a visceral reaction.  ...
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