Barcoding for Manufacturers - Ten Popular Articles

labels west case studyManufacturers have a variety of tracking needs. From medical device to aircraft to pizza, we've gathered the top stories about barcode and RFID use for manufacturing facilities.  

Job Tracking Gets Easier With Barcode Technology - A label maker in Washington was burdened with an archaic, time-consuming process of tracking jobs in its manufacturing facility. Documentation was kept in folders to be handed through production teams until a handheld barcode scanning system was installed to help with job tracking. Making the change led to annual savings of over $15,000.

Combine QuickBooks and Barcode Tracking for Manufacturing Operations - Accounting software QuickBooks is a popular money management program for manufacturers of all sizes. But how do you track materials and goods using the Quickbooks framework? The short answer is you can't. But here is an idea that can tie accounting and barcode tracking together

Valley Proteins Finds a Mobile Barcode Solution for its Inventory Management Needs - Valley Proteins, a Virginia-based animal feed company, looked for a solution to its time-consuming, error-filled inventory tracking process. It found a handheld unit from Barcoding, Inc. was able to help reduce inventory count time and human error while linking to its back-end SAP platform.

SIMBA Does the Lion's Share of Inventory Tracking for Onion Farm - McLain Farms increased production speed and improved its "field to customer" delivery by deploying a Specialized Inventory with Barcode Accuracy (SIMBA) system on its production floor. The company was able to generate immediate bills of lading and track pallets as they moved through the facility and out to stores.

The Challenges of Tracking Work-in-Process - Manufacturers face significant inventory management hurdles as materials are picked then assembled then packed for shipping. What is the right solution to overcome work-in-process hurdles? A popular barcode system developer offers his insight.

2D Barcoding Has Become a Necessity for Direct Part Marking in Medical Device Facilities - The Unique Device Identification (UDI) reporting system created by the FDA has forced medical device manufacturers to upgrade their parts and equipment labelling and tracking procedures. Embedding 2D barcodes on medical devices is allowing manufacturers to store abundant information within each product. Impact printers have become a valuable asset in making the conversion. 

Three Barcode Printing Options for Direct Part Marking - QR codes and DataMatrix have been used for over 20 years in the aerospace and auto manufacturing industries. What are today's options for imprinting 2D barcodes onto parts? Here are the three most effective technologies. 

Barcode Technology Joins the Gluten-Free Cause - 7 Sisters Italiano, a popular gluten-free pizza shop found itself in a major jam. The owners needed to find a way to track finished products. Despite facing confusion about and potentially high costs for barcode solutions, the company received some helpful advice and developed a solution. 

RFID Takes to the Sky - In 2008, Airbus became the first aircraft manufacturer to issue a request for permanent RFID tags issue a request for permanent RFID tags for the 3,000 parts used in its A350XWB aircraft. The move was made to enhance its Value Chain Visibility program. Two leaders in RFID applications stepped up to answer the call. 

Two Reasons Why Your Manufacturing Operation Needs Barcode and RFID Solutions - There are two primary purposes for integrating barcode and RFID technology for materials management, work-in-process tracking and product identification. Can you guess what they are before reading this article? 

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